The Power of Soul Midwifery: Trigonic Quartz

101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation - Judy Hall 2011

The Power of Soul Midwifery: Trigonic Quartz

Chakra correspondences: Higher heart (thymus), soma, soul star, stellar gateway, and higher chakras beyond

Physiological correspondences: Brain, lymphatic system and fluid balance, kidneys, joints, the soul and lightbodies

Vibration: Exceptionally high


An initiatory crystal of multidimensional awareness, Trigonic Quartz holds the essence of star beings. Oscillators of energy, Trigonics are psychotronic, forming a supercomputer based on plasma molecules with all crystals communicating no matter where they may be—they function like a hive-mind, spreading across vast distances.

Having made themselves available to assist the evolution of human consciousness, their aim is to eliminate conflict in all its manifestations, personal and collective, inner and outer. The crystals have requested their energy be transferred to water throughout the planet to dissolve the war gene encoded into the human energy system. Trigonics bring conflicts—in yourself or in a group—to the surface for resolution.

The triangles etched into the faces of Trigonics are like cosmic DNA soul encoding. Trigonics create a powerful transformational wave that carries souls, represented by the triangles, through transition to the afterlife or through birth onto Earth. Holding this crystal takes you into multidimensions to view your soul’s journey and your purpose.


It is essential to release blockages and toxicity from the physical and energy bodies prior to working with Trigonic Quartz or catharsis occurs. The purification process cannot be short-circuited or evaded. Trigonics work mainly on the etheric blueprint, but may also balance the flow of fluid through the body and recalibrate neurotransmitters. Trigonicinfused water made in a Tibetan singing bowl contains potent healing power, purifying and harmonizing the fluid balance in your body. Sound the bowl to transfer the vibration to water, then pour it into a bath, river, or sea.


Trigonics facilitate movement between levels of reality, expanding your soul to rejoin the holographic oversoul that is consciousness. The crystal creates a calm core around which everything flows—hold it if you feel trapped on Earth. An excellent journeying crystal, Trigonic takes you into a vast interdimensional and interstellar way of being, allowing you to be “here” and “there” simultaneously, knowing all is one. Trigonic keeps you in the moment, reconnected to your higher purpose. By reintegrating soul fragments, it helps you renegotiate soul-group contracts. Once you have experienced the totality of All That Is with this crystal, your vibratory rate is permanently changed to a higher frequency that enables you to midwife others’ souls and shifts of consciousness. (Note: Other high-vibration crystals may display etched triangular, Trigonic markings and can be used as stepping-stones to multidimensional reality. See also cover image.)

Trigonic Quartz


Meditating with Trigonic facilitates a theta brainwave state that creates the potential for deep healing and restructuring of body, beliefs, and realities.