The Power of Pure Love: Tugtupite

101 Power Crystals: The Ultimate Guide to Magical Crystals, Gems, and Stones for Healing and Transformation - Judy Hall 2011

The Power of Pure Love: Tugtupite

Chakra correspondences: Heart, higher heart (thymus), heart seed

Physiological correspondences: Heart and circulation, reproductive system, metabolism, hormone production

Vibration: Exceptionally high


A powerful heart healer, Tugtupite reaches the highest of vibrations and brings in unconditional love. It shows you the value of self-love and teaches that Earth is where we learn to master our emotions, staying centered within them rather than repressing, controlling, or being overwhelmed by feelings.

Tugtupite has been known to the Greenland Inuits for millennia. Its name comes from tuttupit: reindeer blood. According to Inuit legend, Tutu, a young reindeer herder went into the mountains to give birth. As her sacred blood fell, Tugtupite formed. In sympathetic magic, Tugtupite resonates with the life-giving properties of blood and the potent force blood carries throughout the body. Another Inuit legend says lovers cause the stone to glow fiery red with the heat of their passion—a reference to Tugtupite’s tenebrescence: its color intensifies with heat or sunlight. Tugtupite also fluoresces bright red under ultraviolet light. The Inuit say the stone awakens forgotten love and stimulates libido and passionate enthusiasm in everyday life.

Tugtupite literally accesses a new dimension of love, infusing it into the physical world. If you are affected by other people’s anger, placing Tugtupite a hand’s width under your right armpit protects you. By transmuting the anger into love and forgiveness, Tugtupite sends it back as pink light that gently surrounds the source to bring about a change of attitude. Place Tugtupite over your heart if someone else’s strong feelings “mug” you. It cuts off emotional blackmail and people who tug inappropriately on your heartstrings, making you feel emotionally secure. It transforms rage or impotence into powerful creativity, and stimulates your ability to change things for the better. Placed over the heart seed chakra, Tugtupite aligns it with your heart and mind so love is expressed in every moment, in each deed and thought.


Tugtupite energetically heals heart, blood, circulation, and blood-rich organs. Perfect for emotional healing, it regulates metabolic and hormonal systems and lifts seasonal affective disorder. Tugtupite’s white portion has been noted to turn black in the presence of cancer and toxins.


Tugtupite teaches you to be emotionally independent yet interdependent, sharing mutual love and support. It says you and you alone are responsible for your happiness or unhappiness. While showing how you create your well-being with the power of your heart and mind, it may generate a gentle emotional catharsis that releases grief so unconditional love expresses itself in your life.



Program Tugtupite to send healing and peace to the world—especially areas of ethnic conflict—and to teach the power of love for all humanity.