Wicca and Witchcraft For Dummies - Diane Smith 2005

Wicca and Witchcraft For Dummies - Diane Smith 2005


Seeing the World through Wiccan Eyes: What Wiccans Believe

Believing That Everything’s Connected

Believing in Deity

Believing in Magic: Where Science Meets the Craft

Believing in Ethics, Responsibility, and Personal Relationship with Deity

Looking at the Past, Present, and Future: How Wiccans Live

Digging into the Past

Living Wiccan Today

Looking Back to the Future: The Rebirth of the Goddess

Coming Home: How Wiccans Become Wiccans

Considering the Wiccan Path

Going Solo or Joining a Coven: Wiccan Options

Making Room for Everyone: Craft Traditions

Following the Sun and the Moon: How Wiccans Worship

Setting Up an Altar and Choosing Tools

Designing and Performing Rituals: The Heart of Wicca

Waxing and Waning with the Moon: The Esbats

Turning the Wheel of the Year: The Sabbats

Practicing the Craft: What Wiccans Do

Making Magic Happen

Spellcasting: The Poetry of Wicca

Boosting Magic with Fire, Stones, and Herbs

Working with Trance and Dreams

Daring to Divine

Keeping a Book of Shadows, a Sacred Record

The Part of Tens

Ten Habits of Effective Wiccans

Ten Wiccan Principles of Behavior

Ten Warning Signs of a Scam or Inappropriate Behavior


Wicca FAQ

Magical Properties of Colors, Herbs, and Stones