Earth Spirit Dreaming: Shamanic Ecotherapy Practices - Elizabeth E. Meacham 2020

Earth Spirit Dreaming: Shamanic Ecotherapy Practices - Elizabeth E. Meacham 2020




Introduction: Waking Up to Earth

From Earth-Connection to Earth-Care

Slowing Down

Earth Spirit Dreaming: Three Steps for Re-Visioning Our Planetary Stories

How to Use This Book: Growing the Gifts of Ecological Consciousness

Working with This book

Daily Practice of Rituals

A Method for Discovering Magic

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Coming Home

Everything Is Connected: A Brief Introduction to Visionary Environmental Thought

A Shifting Sense of Self: From Separation to Care and Connection

The Participatory Worldview

From Environmental Theory to Earth-Connecting Practices

Earth-Connecting Practices

Earth-Connecting: The First Step of Earth Spirit Dreaming

Transforming Sustenance

Developing Earth-Connected Consciousness

Coming to Our Senses: Slowing Down, Tuning In, Waking Up

Doing Nothing

Cultivating Boredom

Cultivating Ecomindfulness: Increasing Our Conscious Connection with Nature

Ecomindfulness Practices

Returning to the Land: Connecting with the Rhythms and Cycles of Nature

My Special Place: The Chagrin River

Nature Art Rituals: Earth-Connecting through Creativity

Nature Art Rituals in Sacred Places

Spirit-Connecting Practices

Spirit-Connecting: Working with Light and Vibrational Reality

Portals to Guides in Vibrational Reality

Incorporating Revelation into the “Everyday”

Raising Vibrations: A Full-Time Job

Sacred Space and Preparation for Working with Light

How to Know Vibrational Reality

Opening to Vibrational Reality

Karmic Eddies: Personal Vibrational Healing

Dream-Connecting Practices

Dream-Connecting: Creating New Stories in Vibrational Reality

Dreaming as Co-Creation

Vibrational Experience in Western Cultures

Magic, Imagination, and the Quantum Self

River Light

Sacred Rituals: Pathways to Re-Dreaming the World

Western Earth-Honoring Sacraments

Creating Rituals for Earth Spirit Dreaming

Dreaming with Mandalas: Journeying with Sacred Circles

Reading the Oracle

Dancing with the Ancestors: Cultivating Shamanic Experience

Why Do We Say Shaman?

Trance States for Extrasensory Perception

Ask for Help from Your Spirit Guides

Conclusion: Re-Visioning the World One Dream at a Time

We Are the Storytellers

Changing Our Stories

Following Love — Re-Visioning Earth

Reference Notes

Selected Reading