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The Books of Magic
Creative Arts

Vertigo Comics.

This comic book mini-series written by Neil Gaiman first appeared in January 1991. (See page 230, The Sandman.) Teenager Timothy Hunter is visited by four mysterious strangers, including John Constantine (see page 228, Hellblazer), who take him on a tour of the universe, informing him that he has the potential to be the world’s greatest magician. The comic book series and its later spin-offs follow Timothy’s magical education and his attempts to fulfill his destiny. A skinny angst-filled adolescent with glasses and an owl familiar attending an academy devoted to the magical arts, many find Timothy disconcertingly similar to Harry Potter. Their respective action figure dolls can be particularly difficult to distinguish. (Timothy is the one without the facial scar.) However the resemblances are superficial; the actual plot line is different. (See page 285, Literature: Harry Potter Series.)

Timothy Hunter’s adventures continue in other Vertigo comic mini-series, The Names of Magic and Hunter: The Age of Magic.