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Doctor Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts
Creative Arts

Marvel Comics, first appeared in 1963.

Dr Stephen Strange was once a brilliant surgeon; however he was also cold, narcissistic, pompous, and selfish—in short, a jerk. He also had a dangerous tendency to hit the bottle a little too hard; one dark stormy night, driving while drunk out of his mind, Strange crashed his car, in the process killing his pregnant wife and unborn child and forever damaging his hands so that he’s no longer able to practice his craft. His entire previously well-organized life is gone. Strange sinks deep into depression, hits the bottle even harder and ends up on the street, all the while, however, seeking for spiritual solace, direction, and resolution for his grief.

At the very end of his tether, he hears of a miracle-working cave-dwelling Tibetan lama, “The Ancient One,” and goes to seek assistance. First deemed unworthy of assistance, although perhaps this was a metaphysical test, Strange gets stuck in the snows of Tibet over the winter. Through a series of circumstances, he proves himself changed for the better and the Ancient One accepts him as a student of magic, explaining to Strange that it’s not his hands that are broken; it’s his soul. Strange moves into the cave and begins to study the secrets of sorcery and the magic of the mystic arts, transforming into a superhero and a very popular one at that.

Strange remains a viable, vital character. In addition to sometimes starring in his own comic books, over the years he’s made frequent appearances in various other series. He’s evolved over the years: in 1988 he was promoted to Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme. (See page 234, Witches.)