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Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Creative Arts

Archie Comics.

The character Sabrina the Teenage Witch first appeared in the back pages of an Archie Comics magazine in October 1962. Many characters make brief appearances and then disappear forever, however Sabrina from the start had that certain something, that je ne sais quoi that kept her from comic-book oblivion. A fun, youthful, lively witch with ordinary teenage problems (and some others as well) she would eventually become the most successful Archie Comics adaptation. Sabrina became a main character in 1969 but wasn’t featured in her own comic book until April 1971. Since then she has been featured in various television animated cartoons before the hit live-action television series began in 1996. Since the success of the television show, the comic book has been revived frequently, with the actress Melissa Joan Hart (television’s Sabrina) on the cover.

(See page 313, Television: Sabrina the Teenage Witch.)