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The Element Encyclopedia of Witchcraft: The Complete A-Z for the Entire Magical World - Judika Illes 2005

Creative Arts

Marvel Comics.

Witches debuted in June 2004. A new breed of witch-oriented comic books has emerged that seems to be structured along the lines of Charlie’s Angels. A prominent male character recruits what at least look like young witches to work their magic powers.

In the case of Witches, a dangerous magical book, The Tome of Zhered-Na, has been accidentally opened, releasing its malevolent powers. Acknowledging a new era in magic, our old friend Dr Strange (see page 228) can’t do the job by himself but recruits three young female witches (Jennifer Kale, Satana, and Topaz) to help him save the world. These three represent the threefold power of women—maiden, mother, and crone—although as befitting comic-book heroines, even the one representing the crone sure looks like a sexy young witch. Dr Strange is still treated with respect; at least one young witch refers to him as “Master Strange.” Various metaphysical themes emerge and eventually Lilith, who may be the comics’ favorite goddess, makes an appearance. (See page 233, Vampirella and DIVINE WITCH: Lilith.)