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The Witching
Creative Arts

Vertigo Comics, launched June 2004.

Like Witches (above) this similarly named series also features a trio of witches, Elsa, Kara, and Sook, however these girls don’t need Dr Strange. They have the Vertigo character Lucifer Morningstar instead. (Yes, that Lucifer.)

Elsa Grimston, Witch,” as she identifies herself, represents the crone of this triad. She was conceived on what she calls a “black magick altar” during a sex magic ritual attempting to implant a lunar spirit into a human child. Her father, Henry Grimston, is a Crowley-style magician who, Elsa says, initially believed himself to be more powerful than the devil. His error was subsequently proven to him and so he turned into a devotee of the devil.

Elsa learned magic directly from the finest teachers, the fate goddesses. (See WOMEN’S MYSTERIES: Spinning.) When the series starts, all she really wants to do is go home to the moon for some peace and quiet, but she’s ordered back to Earth to magically preserve Earth’s power balance. Elsa must recruit a maiden and mother for her trinity. She discovers Sook, a fun-loving Korean girl from Texas, and Kara, a young singer whose mother is a not particularly competent spell-casting witch. As with Witches it’s too soon to tell whether this will be a limited series or whether the characters will exist indefinitely.