Apples - Food and Drink

The Element Encyclopedia of Witchcraft: The Complete A-Z for the Entire Magical World - Judika Illes 2005

Food and Drink

Apples were once considered the fruits of life, symbols of love and happiness.

The “golden apples of the sun” were associated with glorious goddesses like Freya, Hera, Idunn, and (especially) Aphrodite. Apples had their very own deity, the apple-goddess Pomona. Slice an apple in half horizontally to see the pentacle hidden within.

Post-Christianity, apples were re-envisioned as the forbidden fruit of the Garden of Eden, emblems of sin and desire. Associations with goddesses evolved into associations with witches: poison apples are the fairy-tale witch’s favorite tool. No recipes for poison apples are included here: fairy tales to the contrary, witchcraft favors apples for love, seduction, and divination, not for cursing.

Apples are primary ingredients of special Halloween recipes. Instructions and recipes are found on page 516 under Halloween Specialties.

Simple and popular apple spells include the following.

Apple Group Ritual for Good Luck

1. Distribute an apple to each person.

2. While everyone holds an apple, make a wish or blessing. (One person may preside over the ritual or every individual might make personal wishes.)

3. Wish the assembled company good fortune and together eat the apples.

Apple Love Spell

Among the simplest of spells is one from ancient Greece that involves tossing an apple into your intended’s lap. If the apple was picked up and the person took a bite (and better yet, then offered you the next one) your feelings were mutual. If the person looked pained and attempted to return the apple or otherwise lose or dispose of it, well, it was clearly time to choose another intended or maybe, for the persistent, a stronger spell…

That spell may be intensified by whispering one’s desires over the apple or via this spell:

1. Use a pin to scratch secret messages into the apple skin: explicitly write out your goals and desires or carve initials, images, runes, hearts or other personal symbols.

2. Using your fingers, rub honey over the apple while visualizing the spell’s desired outcome.

3. Suck the honey off your fingers while visualizing success.

4. Deliver the apple to the spell’s target; watch while they eat the apple. (Sharing the apple only increases the power of the spell.)