Apple Crowdie - Food and Drink

The Element Encyclopedia of Witchcraft: The Complete A-Z for the Entire Magical World - Judika Illes 2005

Apple Crowdie
Food and Drink

Apple Crowdie is spiced apple sauce with whipped cream. The spice may be as simple as a dash of cinnamon; if serving adults, rather than children, a dollop of whiskey may be stirred in as well. Just prior to serving, tokens are added to the dish: each person takes one spoonful from a common pot. Eat carefully! If no token appears in the spoonful, then the jury is still out—your fortune cannot yet be foretold, or perhaps it’s in your hands…

An alternative method is for each person to take a spoonful until they find a charm. This is a modern variation on the Scottish traditional desert Crowdie. (See below, Fortune-teller’s Crowdie.)