Rod - The Horned One and The Devil

The Element Encyclopedia of Witchcraft: The Complete A-Z for the Entire Magical World - Judika Illes 2005

The Horned One and The Devil

Rod is considered the primordial deity of the Eastern Slavs. He usually manifests as a stag or male elk. Veneration of Rod dates back to prehistory. Rod and his wife and daughter, known as the Rozhanitsy (see next section) first appeared during the Neolithic era and are the earliest known Russian pantheon. They were actively venerated until the tenth century when other deities, including Mokosh, became increasingly popular.

“Rod” means “family line” or “lineage.” He is Lord of Fertility, Birth, and Abundance. He is a solar deity; his holy days were the winter and summer solstices. Offerings to Rod included bread, curds, and mead.

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