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Blokula, Blockula, Blakulla or Blokulla
Places: A witch’s Travel Guide

Sweden had a brief but brutal witchcraze. According to confessions extracted, witches flew off to sabbats presided over by Satan at a mountain called Blockula. Where exactly is Blockula? Who knows? It is unclear exactly where Blockula was or whether in fact it ever really existed. According to confessions, extracted under torture, witches allegedly flew tremendous distances on broomsticks with assistance from flying ointments.

Blockula has developed a famous name and is frequently sited in fictional depictions of witchcraft; however, it’s unclear whether or not it even exists. If it does, these are likely suspects:

Image The most popular explanation is that Blockula is another name for The Brocken (see below), the German mountain once called the Blockberg. The Brocken is profoundly associated with Freya and hence it would make sense that Swedish witches, if indeed there were witches, might join German compatriots at The Brocken.

Image Another suggestion is that the Blockula is not a mountain at all but a rocky island in the Baltic Sea, located between Öland and Småland, a still heavily forested region of Sweden characterized by extensive marshes and lakes.

Blockula is intrinsic to the legend of Sweden’s Easter witches who still allegedly fly to the Blockula on Maundy Thursday, returning home on Saturday just in time to be present for Easter.