Kingsford, Anna Bonus (September 16, 1846—February 22, 1888) - Witchcraft Hall of Fame

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Kingsford, Anna Bonus (September 16, 1846—February 22, 1888)
Witchcraft Hall of Fame

Anna Kingsford, a Christian occultist/spiritualist, established Theosophy in Britain and served as mentor to the magus Samuel MacGregor Mathers. Kingsford was among the first British women to become a physician; she obtained her medical degree in Paris as no British university would accept her as she was a woman.

Kingsford had had visions since early childhood. She was a passionate women’s rights activist, an anti-vivisectionist, vegetarian, and animal rights activist. She believed herself to be the reincarnation of Mary Magdalen.

In 1882, Kingsford became president of the London Lodge of the Theosophical Society, although she was among Madame Blavatsky’s rivals and critics. She once accused Blavatsky of attempting to cast a spell over her. Blavatsky dismissed Kingsford, describing her as a “medium.” (Yes, Blavatsky was a medium, too…)

Kingsford’s followers broke away from the Theosophical Society to form the Hermetic Society on April 22, 1884. (MacGregor Mathers was also a member.) Kingsford described the conflict in terms of Oriental Occultists (Blavatsky) versus Occidental Mystics (herself). She perceived Occultists as further down the spiritual evolutionary scale.

Kingsford died of chronic lung disease. Her revelations, received in trance and while asleep, were published posthumously in the book Clothed With the Sun (1889).