Chamomile - The Flowers

The Magic of Flowers: A Guide to Their Metaphysical Uses & Properties - Tess Whitehurst 2013

The Flowers

This soft, feathery-leaved member of the daisy family has a sweet scent that is evocative of apples, bananas, or vanilla. Chamomile’s main magical or energetic properties may be described as soothing and smoothing. With such a gentle positivity and sunshiny perspective, he can help turn the tides on negativity and harshness of all varieties while aligning us with our most ideal energetic flow.

When working with chamomile, please be mindful that some people are allergic to the daisy family.

Magical Uses

Animal Support

Chamomile flower essence is an amazing all-purpose tonic for cats and dogs. A single drop added to their water supply can help soothe stress, heal challenging behaviors, support healing and overall wellness, comfort them during transitions, and establish peace between multiple animals.

Breaking Curses and Spells

I know that to some of us, a curse may appear to be an old-fashioned or even imaginary concept, but it actually describes something very real. However, it’s nothing to panic about: regardless of how it got there, you might think of a curse as simply an undesirable pattern that’s stuck in the energetic matrix in the same way the chorus of a song can get stuck in your head. And because chamomile smooths out the harsh edges and aligns everything with a sunny positivity, it can be helpful for eradicating curses, unwanted spells, and any other similarly challenging patterns.

For this purpose, try sprinkling the dried herb or misting whoever or whatever may be holding the curse or challenging pattern with chilled chamomile tea or spring water into which you’ve added ten to fifteen drops chamomile essential oil. This can also be helpful when it’s your intention to change the energetic momentum of a home or business (after a challenging period, for example). To break a love spell, try the following ritual.


During the waning moon on a Saturday, Sunday, or Tuesday, ceremoniously and mindfully eat nine pistachios, spinning once in a counterclockwise direction after swallowing each one. Next, visualize very bright golden-white light surrounding and filling a glass or bottle of at least twenty ounces of spring water, then drink it all at once. Finish by anointing your forehead, throat, heart, belly, and the palm of each hand with chamomile essential oil (if you have sensitive skin, dilute appropriately with a carrier oil or substitute chamomile tea).

Healing and Protecting Children

Gentle chamomile is an extremely helpful flower when it comes to supporting and healing children (and our own inner child, who can generally be treated therapeutically in the same way as actual children). For example, in his book Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine, Andrew Chevallier recommends adding an infusion of chamomile (chamomile tea) to bath water to “relax fractious and overtired children, or adding five drops of essential oil of chamomile to twenty ml of a carrier oil to create a diaper rash treatment.”

If your child (or inner child) feels unsafe in her bedroom, before bedtime, you might diffuse the essential oil or mist the room with spring water into which you’ve added equal parts lavender, peppermint, and chamomile essential oils.

Chamomile tea or an herbal tea containing chamomile (such as Sleepytime, Celestial Seasoning’s famous relaxing blend) can help soothe bedtime fears and nightmares while promoting deep, restful sleep.

You might also like to plant the flower in your yard, add one to two drops of the flower essence to your child’s food or beverage once daily, or incorporate the dried or fresh flower or essential oil into any sort of ritual or charm designed for the purpose of protecting and healing your child or inner child.

Peace and Harmony

As you might expect, chamomile’s soothing, cooling, balancing energy heartily lends itself to promoting peace and harmony within individuals, couples, groups, situations, and spaces. For this purpose, you might try:

✵ diffusing the essential oil

✵ misting the space with a water or rose water blend containing the essential oil or flower essence

✵ serving or drinking chamomile tea

✵ taking the essence

✵ growing the flower in your yard

✵ adding the dried or fresh herb or essential oil to your bath water

✵ sprinkling the dried herb around the perimeter of a lot or the outside of a home or business

✵ bringing in one or more bouquets of the fresh flowers

✵ attaching a small sachet of the dried herb to the inside of your clothes, near your heart

✵ incorporating the essential oil or dried herb into rituals or charms designed for the purpose of promoting peace and harmony


When we choose to look at life in a positive light rather than a negative one, our whole experience can change in an instant from one of struggle to one of joy. And, especially when our inner dialogue or current life situation seems to be characterized by tension and harshness, chamomile can help with this. For this purpose, try any of the suggestions from the previous section.


Author Scott Cunningham recommends chamomile flower for prosperity rituals and mixtures, and he mentions that gamblers employed the tea as a hand wash to help ensure success. This makes sense from an energetic perspective, as chamomile aligns us with our most ideal life flow, which always includes a generous supply of blessings.

To shift into a more positive and prosperous mindset, you might employ any of the suggestions from the “peace and harmony” section. And, for a variation on the gambler’s hand wash theme, you might create the following money-drawing lotion potion.


On a Thursday or Sunday during the waxing moon, place five to ten drops chamomile essential oil in pretty jar. (Optional: enhance the scent by adding drops of vanilla and/or jasmine essential oils as well.) Fill the jar the rest of the way with unscented lotion. Close the lid and shake well to blend. When this is complete, place the closed jar in the center of a small green or red plate, and surround the jar with nine pieces of citrine quartz (which have been cleansed beforehand in running water, sunlight, and white sage smoke). Take some deep breaths, and feel centered and connected to the earth. Then hold your open palms toward the jar and visualize sparkly gold light entering the crown of your head and going down to your heart, down your arms, and out through the palms of your hands and into the jar. Say:

I am always in the right place at the right time.

I am in divine flow.

I am a fountain of divine prosperity.

All doors are open to me now.

Leave the jar arrangement on your altar or in a special place, and rub the lotion into your hands daily before work or any situation during which you’d like to experience increased prosperity and luck.


It’s possible that chamomile is best known as a gentle, safe, non-habit-forming sleep aid. Indeed, I was first introduced to him when my mom gave me a cup of Celestial Seasoning’s Sleepytime tea when I was a nervous little six-year-old girl who couldn’t seem to get to sleep.

For relief of occasional sleep challenges, try drinking a cup of chamomile tea before bed. For chronic insomnia, try drinking a chamomile blend containing valerian root (such as Sleepytime Extra) before bed, while also taking the essence regularly. (Also remember to exercise often and not to overdo the caffeine, as these are rules one and two when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep.)


As mentioned above, chamomile’s main energetic action may be described as soothing, and this action takes place in both physical and metaphysical realms. As a matter of fact, according to aromatherapist Gabriel Mojay, in Eastern medicine chamomile is employed to help smooth the flow of chi, or life-force energy, and to clear heat and reduce inflammation. Magically and medicinally speaking, chamomile can be employed to help soothe:

✵ digestion

✵ eye strain

✵ bladder and urinary tract ailments

✵ tension and stress

✵ pain

✵ skin ailments

✵ premenstrual and menstrual challenges

✵ cramps and spasms

✵ irritability

✵ anger

✵ discord

✵ harsh vibrations

✵ grief

Magical Correspondences


Element: Water

Gender: Male

Planets: Sun, Moon