Camellia - The Flowers

The Magic of Flowers: A Guide to Their Metaphysical Uses & Properties - Tess Whitehurst 2013

The Flowers

While her beauty is legendary, camellia is not one for basking in the limelight. In fact, the essence of her wisdom is the true confidence that comes from humility and vulnerability, the organic energy that comes from doing what you love and loving what you do, and the simple joy that comes from working contentedly behind the scenes.

Magical Uses

Alignment with the Divine Feminine

Camellia blossoms—especially the pink and white varieties—bring connection and alignment with the Divine Mother and the feminine aspects of the Divine. They teach by example that softness, gentleness, and feminine beauty do not preclude power, confidence, and strength.

Camellia blossoms often naturally fall to the earth while they are still in the height of their beauty. These naturally fallen blossoms are ideal additions to an altar honoring Quan Yin, Mother Mary, White Tara, Parvati, or another gentle, nurturing aspect of the Divine Feminine.

Authenticity and Decision Making

When you express the sincerest truth of who you are, you bring the greatest possible measure of grace and healing to the world. While those you admire can provide clues to unraveling the mystery of your life direction and life path, you are totally unique, and no amount of imitation can ultimately deliver you to your destiny.

If we choose to quietly tune in and listen to camellia’s wisdom, she wordlessly whispers exactly the encouragement we need to trust ourselves and our visions so that we can make effective life decisions and follow the paths that our heart most wants to travel.

For this purpose, you might take the essence or perform the following ritual.


If you’re at an important fork in the road or you’re just not sure which direction to take, visit a blossoming camellia bush. Sit or stand comfortably, relax your body, take some deep breaths, and quietly observe the camellia. Simply be present with the moment: listen to the sounds of nature around you and let the beauty of the flowers infuse your consciousness with a deep sense of wordless calm. After a while, have a conversation with the plant out loud but in a quiet voice. (If this feels awkward because people might see you, it will work just as well to have the conversation silently.) Tell her all about the situation and exactly what you’re feeling and thinking about it. Explain what you see as your options and the main concerns you have about which direction to take. Get it all out.

Then relax again, just as you did before. Feel all your worries being swept up and transmuted by the divine energy connected with the plant. Quiet your mind again and let go of the situation, fully surrendering once more the present moment. Finally, after a time, gaze directly at a blossom and focus on the physical location of your heart chakra in the center of your chest. Put your right hand over your heart and your left hand over your right. Take a deep breath and bring your mind gently back to the situation at hand. Say (or think): “Heart, which way do you want to go? Heart, what do you want to do?” Then calmly, without any anxiety or panic, allow the clear wisdom of your heart to come through. Know that whether a concrete answer arises at that very moment or not, you have created the necessary shift; your answer certainly will appear at the perfect time and in the perfect way. Pay attention to your dreams and daydreams, and follow the guidance you receive.


When we’re aligned with our authentic self and focused on our divine life mission, we feel a natural, sustainable energy buzz. As such, a side effect of working with camellia is increased energy, both mental and physical. If you feel fatigued and you suspect the cause is that you’re trying to force yourself to do things that are not in alignment with your authentic self, you might take the essence regularly until your direction shifts and your natural energy returns.

Interestingly, this aspect of camellia’s magic is mirrored in the way tea—a product of Camellia sinensis (a close relative of the popular flowering garden plant)—naturally infuses us with energy and focus.


Just as tea is popularly associated with old friends and rituals of welcome and hospitality, camellia herself possesses the same energy as a true friend. As such, she can be helpful when you want to draw or maintain true friendships or to gain insight into a friendship. You might bring naturally fallen blossoms into your home, arrange them around the edge of a plate, and write a friendship-related wish or desire on a piece of paper as if it had already come true. For example, you might write any of the following:

✵ I have many wonderful friendships.

✵ I strike up wonderful new friendships easily and effortlessly.

✵ I know just what to do about my friendship with ______.

✵ I see the truth of _______’s heart and understand where our friendship truly stands.

Once you’ve written your intention, fold the paper, being sure to fold it toward yourself each time. Then place the folded paper in the middle of the plate of camellia blossoms, place a candle on top, and light the candle. Burn at intervals (extinguishing when you leave the house or can’t attend to fire safety for any reason) until it burns all the way down or until the blossoms fade, whichever feels right. Then return the blossoms to the base of a tree. Keep the candle to burn for other purposes later or dispose of the stub. Put the paper at the bottom of a dresser drawer, and then recycle, bury, or burn it when your intentions have manifested in the physical world.

Humility and True Confidence

Although they share the same root cause, there are two main ways that insecurity manifests. One is feeling inferior to others, and the other is feeling superior to others. Usually, insecurity manifests in both ways and changes depending on the situation.

While we inevitably will be better than others at some things and in some ways, at other things and in other ways, others inevitably will be better than us. But the truth is that no one is ultimately better or worse than anyone else. We are all just different: we have different strengths and different challenges. In fact, if you look deeply, you’ll discover that the idea that there is any sort of value differentiation in human beings is entirely an illusion, with absolutely no basis in anything at all. It is just a useless cultural idea that most of us have adopted somewhere along the way—perhaps in preschool or kindergarten. And whenever we spend time believing in this idea, it is a complete waste of energy that we could be spending on something actually useful and valid, such as creating art, putting our dreams into action, petting the dog, or hugging our partner.

What’s more, when we choose not to believe in the illusion that we are better or worse than anyone else, we epitomize humility, and true confidence arises.

And so if you find that you feel inferior or superior to others—i.e., you are in need of humility or true confidence—you might ask camellia for help, as she’s an expert in this area. Spend time with her, tend to her, or take the essence.


Sometimes we may feel that in order to get the things we want in life, we have to struggle and demand and force, and as a result we constantly project energy and effort out into the world. The trouble with this is that life is about balance, and in order to be open to receiving the divine gifts that the universe has in store for us, we must balance our constant doing with simple being. In other words, it is nearly impossible to receive a gift with a clenched fist; with an open and relaxed palm, however, it is the easiest and most natural thing in the world.

Camellia can help open us up to prosperity by helping us symbolically unclench our fists through quieting our minds, opening our hearts, and creating the space in life for blessings to flow. She also teaches us to gratefully accept help as it’s offered to us, in all its many forms, from beings in both seen and unseen realms.

True Prosperity

As a result of all the magical uses cited previously—receptivity, being in alignment with our authenticity and most ideal life path, true confidence, and alignment with the divine feminine—camellia aligns us with true prosperity: not simply having a lot of money and resources but living a life that is satisfying on all levels, receiving and being in the flow of divine blessings in all forms.

Interestingly, in the nineteenth century, camellias were considered status symbols because they were so expensive.

Magical Correspondences


Element: Earth

Gender: Female

Planets: Jupiter, Moon