Cherry Plum - The Flowers

The Magic of Flowers: A Guide to Their Metaphysical Uses & Properties - Tess Whitehurst 2013

Cherry Plum
The Flowers

For such a small and delicate-looking tree and blossom, cherry plum has a whole lot of pep. Like a tough but fair coach who cares passionately about not only our performance on the field, but also our true happiness and overall well-being, she riles us up, fills us with energy and joy, and pushes us out of our comfort zones, inspiring us to step into our power and claim our heart’s desires. Magically speaking, she gets things moving: our energy, our endeavors, and our lives.

And here’s some great news: cherry plum is one of Edward Bach’s thirty-eight flower essence remedies. So, if you’d like to experience her magical benefits and you don’t happen to have a blossoming tree nearby, you can almost definitely pick up a bottle of her essence at your local health food store.

Magical Uses

Agelessness, Timeless Beauty

When our aura, or energetic field (the sphere of energy/light that occupies the same space as our bodies and extends out from us in all directions), is strong and clear, our beauty increases rather than decreases over time. An invisible yet palpable light shines from our hearts and eyes, and our mere presence has a healing effect on everyone we meet. The magic of cherry plum blossoms lends itself to agelessness and timeless beauty by healing, brightening, and fortifying our personal radiance.


On the morning of a new moon, place four drops of cherry plum essence in a wine glass of sparkling mineral water. Hold the glass in both hands and visualize very bright white light filling the water and extending out in all directions like a miniature sunrise. Think or say the word radiance, and direct the energy of the word into the water. Then drink. Repeat every morning until the next new moon.

Chakra Healing and Clearing

Every once in a while, it might come to your attention that one or more of your chakras (which are invisible wheels of light that are part of your energy field) are blocked or in some way imbalanced. If this is the case, in addition to any other healing work you’re doing or undergoing, such as reiki or yoga, you can work with the energy of cherry plum blossoms to help unblock and balance your chakras in exactly the way that is most needed. If you don’t have a blossoming cherry plum tree nearby, take one to two drops of the essence or place directly onto the skin near the chakra area itself three times per day, until the block or imbalance feels resolved. But if you do have a blossoming cherry plum tree nearby, you might try the following.


Obtain a white quartz crystal point, cleanse it with sunlight or white sage smoke, and visit a blossoming cherry plum tree on a sunny day. Sit or squat near the trunk. After tuning in to the tree, hold the crystal in both hands and say or think, “Beautiful cherry plum tree, I’ve brought you this gift in the hopes that you’ll help me heal my chakra(s).” Place the crystal at the base of the trunk. Then place both your hands on the trunk and explain (silently or aloud) what you’d like help with as if you’re talking to a therapist or trusted friend. If you know the emotional issues attached to the chakra imbalance, talk them out as best you can. Then lie down on your back on the earth beneath the blossoming branches. (You might bring a blanket or towel if you’re concerned about getting dirty or wet.) Relax as deeply as you can, breathe, and allow the energy of the cherry plum blossoms to thoroughly heal your chakra(s) and emotions. Notice any inner guidance, thoughts, images, and impressions that you receive. Allow yourself to feel any feelings that may come up. When your healing feels complete, touch the trunk again, say a heartfelt thank you, then go on your way.

Circulation, Digestion, and Physical Healing

As I mentioned, cherry plum blossoms get things moving. As such, if blood circulation, lymphatic circulation, or digestion are issues for you, you might support your other healing endeavors by taking the essence or spending time with the flower.

And, because good digestion and good circulation support general health and help heal a whole host of physical maladies and emotional challenges, either of the previous remedies can help support healing of all varieties.


Things can start to feel stagnant, depressing, or just plain boring when we’re terrified of moving forward or afraid of our own power. If you need a dose of courage to take initiative, move out of your comfort zone, or move toward realizing your dreams, cherry plum can help.


Anytime you’d like an extra dose of courage, fill a shot glass with pomegranate juice and add four drops cherry plum essence. Cradle the shot glass in your open left palm and place your right hand under your left. Visualize a shower of very bright golden-white light coming down from above, filling and encompassing the shot glass and your hands. Call upon the energy of divine courage, direct that energy into the liquid, then drink. Visualize/imagine/feel the energy of courage lighting up your entire body and aura from the inside. You might repeat daily until you feel you’ve internalized the courage, or just do a shot anytime you could use a boost.

Determination and Following Through

Need the energy to get started and follow through with a business project, an art project, or even something as simple as clearing the clutter out of your garage? Cherry plum might be just the ticket. You might spend time near a blossoming tree to receive an etheric pep talk or simply take the essence. The cherry plum and pomegranate courage shot would also be great for this purpose.

Inspiration, Passion, and Joy

If you feel depressed, listless, passionless, or joyless, it could be that all you need is to get your energy moving in the right direction—which, as you’ve probably learned by now, is cherry plum’s specialty. Any of the previous remedies can help restore your inspiration and passion for life.

Removing Energetic Blocks

See previous sections.


You might employ the wisdom and magic of cherry plum if you’d like to get your strength back physically, mentally, spiritually, or emotionally. For this purpose, see the previous ideas and remedies.


Cherry plum is also great for blessing any new project or endeavor with the energy of success. For this purpose, a sprig from the blossoming tree—when removed with love and respect and exchanged for the gift of a crystal or a bottle of wine, champagne, or ale poured out near the base of the tree—may be placed over the threshold of a new business, in the area where a new project is born, or near a symbol representing the project or endeavor. Before you remove the branch, be sure to discuss the endeavor with the tree and explain what you’d like help with and the outcome you seek, then thank her profusely.

Magical Correspondences


Element: Fire

Gender: Female

Planet: Mars