Chrysanthemum - The Flowers

The Magic of Flowers: A Guide to Their Metaphysical Uses & Properties - Tess Whitehurst 2013

The Flowers

Chrysanthemum, famous for blooming in fall and winter, will actually bloom anytime the light around him becomes sufficiently diminished. And, as you’re about to discover, each of chrysanthemum’s energetic properties might be seen as having to do with shining light into darkness or shoring up one’s strength when it may otherwise begin to wane. Coincidence? I think not.

Chrysanthemum’s name (from the Greek chrysos for “gold”) means “gold flower.” This is another indication of his bolstering, brightening dynamic, as many magical teachings consider gold to be the symbol and actual physical manifestation of the spirit-sustaining, life-giving essence of the sun.

Magical Uses


Chrysanthemum’s most famous magical ability might be his penchant for bestowing longevity. He does this by infusing us with vigor, youthful energy, and a healthy hunger for fresh perspectives and new experiences. But be advised that he is not a general health tonic: he only works for people who have passed into what might be called the “autumn of life.”

To promote longevity, take the essence or brew a cup of tea made with dried chrysanthemum blossoms (grow and dry them yourself or purchase them already dried at an Asian grocery store), and drink daily.

Mental Clarity

In his Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, Scott Cunningham suggests drinking an infusion of chrysanthemums to “cure drunkenness.” And while I can’t guarantee chrysanthemums will help you pass a breathalyzer test, I will say that—whether or not you are drunk—chrysanthemums may help clear your mind and focus your thoughts.

Similarly, if you’re looking to understand a situation better, if you’d like help making an important decision, or if you’re just plain craving more mental clarity, I suggest spending time in quiet contemplation with a blossoming chrysanthemum. Relax, breathe, and focus your vision on the blossom. Allow your breath to naturally deepen and slow down, and allow your thoughts to settle. Then connect with the intelligence of the flower and silently let him know precisely what you’d like help with. You will receive the guidance that you seek. Remember to thank the flower for his help before you leave.


If we didn’t indulge in a little gloom and doom every now and then, we’d be a little out of balance, wouldn’t we? But when gloom and doom become the natural way of things, our joy gets diminished, our energy gets depleted, and our motivation begins to dry up. As we’ve seen, when brightness begins to wane, there’s no better time to work chrysanthemum into your magic and replenish your inner light.


Just before sunrise, add five fresh chrysanthemum blossoms (or twenty-five drops chrysanthemum essence if they’re not in season) to your bath water, along with an orange cut into eight wedges, three to five drops of jasmine essential oil, and one-half cup baking soda. Light a yellow candle or two and, as the sun rises, soak for at least forty minutes. As you soak, feel your spirits rising like the sun.


When it comes to fears and dangers related to the mysterious, dark, or unknowable, chrysanthemum is your man. Carry a fresh blossom to guard against earthbound entities, psychic attack, and other invisible dangers. To protect a space from unsavory unseen guests, you might hang garlands or wreaths containing chrysanthemums at doors and windows. If you’re afraid of the dark or to prevent nightmares, sleep with a fresh blossom under your pillow. And if you feel constantly beset by fears related to the invisible realm, take four drops chrysanthemum essence under the tongue every morning and night until you feel settled and safe.

Solving Mysteries

Chrysanthemum’s ability to shine light into the darkness makes him a wonderful ally when it comes to solving mysteries. Try silently tuning in to a blossom. Explain what you are trying to discover and why it’s important to you, then request help. Then, when you get the okay, gently pick the blossom and keep it with you until the mystery is solved. At that time, return the blossom to the earth near the plant from which you gathered it. Be sure to express gratitude, and as a gesture of thanks, pour out a bit of wine or ale or place a silver dollar or shiny dime near the plant.

Soothing Grief

Real grief isn’t just a passing thing. It’s a deep current of energy that flows through our lives as an important accompaniment to love and joy. The older we get, the more grief we feel as we reflect on old times and remember our loved ones who have transitioned. But there are times—such as after the recent loss of a loved one—when grief can be so acute that it can feel all but unbearable. These are the times when chrysanthemum can help by bolstering our fortitude and shining the light of hope into our hearts. In times like these, he also helps by shining light past the veil of time so that we can feel connected to our loved ones even though they are no longer in this physical world.

For this purpose, try surrounding yourself in chrysanthemums—planting them in your yard and bringing them into your space. And if you know someone experiencing profound grief, you might consider giving chrysanthemums to him or her as a gift.

Magical Correspondences


Element: Fire

Gender: Male

Planet: Sun