Clover - The Flowers

The Magic of Flowers: A Guide to Their Metaphysical Uses & Properties - Tess Whitehurst 2013

The Flowers

It seems clover’s leaves are often more famous than his blossoms—but why? Clover blossoms are ever so magical and endlessly lovely in their radiant subtlety. Paradigms of gentleness and purity, they also engender vibrant health, enhanced physical beauty, innate prosperity consciousness, and calm inner strength.

Magical Uses


Our sustenance is, in fact, based not the visible manifestation of money but on the divine energy that underlies and animates all things. And this energy is endless! Once we realize this truth and allow our consciousness of God/Goddess/All That Is to grow and expand, we begin to notice that we already have everything we need. As a result, our visible resources begin to mirror our invisible awareness of our infinite supply.

To start this ball rolling, try spending time with blossoming clover and let him gently remind you of the divinely designed supply that is already in your possession at this very moment. You might also take the essence every morning during the waxing moon.


Red clover blossom is a natural beautifier. In addition to endowing you with the magical energy of wild, divine beauty, when used correctly it can cleanse your blood and add radiance, elasticity, and clarity to your skin.


Boil four cups of water, then add a small handful of dried burdock root. Cover, reduce heat, and simmer for ten minutes. Remove from heat and add a large handful of dried red clover blossoms. Cover and let steep for one to two hours. Strain. Put two tablespoons raw apple cider vinegar in a wine glass and fill the rest with the herbal infusion. (Store the rest of the infusion in a glass receptacle in the fridge for next time.) Hold the glass in both hands and visualize a sphere of very bright golden-white light filling and surrounding it. Say “I am divine love” nine times. Drink. Repeat daily until desired level of beauty is reached.


You might like to perform this ritual when preparing for an event or moment during which you’d like your beauty and radiance to particularly shine forth. Gently and lovingly gather forty fresh, wild (organic) red clover blossoms, placing them on a clean cotton cloth in a basket or bowl. Wash them if necessary and then place them back on the cloth. Draw a bath. Light a white or off-white candle and a stick of vanilla or rose incense. Hold the basket or bowl in both hands and say:

Thank you, Great Goddess, for yielding and sharing these blossoms, which are emissaries of your divine beauty.

Then strew them across the top of the water. Hold your hands over the water and visualize the water being filled with very bright, golden-white light. Say “I am divine love” nine times. Soak for at least forty minutes.

Faery Communication

All clover blossoms are members of that precious and esteemed group of flowers that help us connect and communicate with the faeries. They are like little energetic doorways into the faery realm. The best way to do this is to spend time outdoors near blossoming clover and let your mind wander and drift into daydreams. Also, if you have a faery altar (or if you choose to construct one), you may like to place clover blossoms on it. Working with the flower essence can help blur the walls between our realm and the realm of the fey.

Gentle Strength

As a character trait, strength must be balanced with gentleness in order to wield it in the most harmonious and effective way. Gentle strength is the trait that allows us to speak our truth with love so that we do not alienate or gratuitously offend. It allows us to maintain positive boundaries without unnecessarily stepping on anyone’s toes. In short, it’s the graceful ability to get our needs met while honoring and respecting the needs of others.

Just to clarify: possessing gentle strength does not mean that we never raise our voice or get angry. It just means that we do so only when the circumstances call for it and when we are honoring our deepest inner truth.

For those of us who were raised to think that speaking our truth is rude or out of line, and for those of us who learned that we had to bulldoze our way through life in order to be treated fairly or to receive our fair share, finding the balance of gentle strength can be an important consideration. And clover blossom (white especially) can help with this.

For this purpose, try sleeping with fresh white clover blossoms under your pillow, spending time with the flowers, or taking the essence.

Health and Healing

Red clover blossom traditionally has been used as a blood purifier and to treat breast cancer, menopausal symptoms, and skin problems. White clover blossom has been used to detoxify the system and realign the body with its natural state of health.

Energetically speaking, either or both can be used to restore vibrant health to the body/mind/spirit and to remind us of our most ideal state of holistic well-being.

For temporary or long-standing health challenges, supplement your other healing endeavors by taking the flower essence or creating the following charm. You may also like to create this charm as a gift for someone else (provided they are open to the idea).


Gently and lovingly gather twelve fresh red or white clover blossoms. Place them in a small muslin bag, along with a white quartz crystal point that has been cleansed in sunlight. Tie closed with a green ribbon and anoint with eucalyptus or juniper essential oils. Hang from the bedpost or above the head of the healing person.


While some magical ingredients may be more potent protectors, white clover possesses a subtle emanation that can be a wonderful enhancement to any protection charm. For example, garlic, pyrite, and white quartz—especially when charged for the purpose—can repel negativity like nobody’s business. White clover blossoms, on the other hand, can realign us personally with our natural state of positivity and perfection so that we have nothing to which negativity can stick. In other words, like attracts like, so when we vibrate with purity and positivity, we attract more of the same.

When you weave protective magic, you might consider adding a pinch of white clover blossom or white clover blossom essence so that your magic works on a number of levels and from a number of angles. For example:


Empower a garlic clove in sunlight. Place it in a red flannel bag as you chant:

Protected and bound, safe and sound

If you don’t wish me well, you won’t come around.

Empower four pinches of dried white clover blossom in sunlight and add those into the bag as you say:

Clear and bright, happy and light

I radiate peace all day and all night.

Tie closed with a vibrant blue or white ribbon and anoint with angelica essential oil. Wear it under your clothes and close to your heart for extra protection in both physical and spiritual realms.


Just because something is subtle doesn’t mean that it can’t also be potent. And when it comes to spiritual and physical purification, that’s clover blossom’s motto.

Here are some ways clover blossom can be used for purification:

✵ Place two drops clover essence in a mister of rose water and mist an interior space to purify the vibrations. You can also mist your body and aura for the same purpose.

✵ Drink two to three cups white clover blossom tea per day to support physical detoxification.

✵ Drink two to three cups red clover blossom tea per day to support emotional detoxification (after abuse, a challenging breakup, etc.).

✵ Take four drops white or red clover blossom essence under the tongue or in water twice per day to support physical and emotional purification.

✵ Place fresh clover blossoms in bath water, along with one cup sea salt, for a physical/emotional/spiritual purification bath.

✵ After space clearing, arrange fresh clover blossoms and soy candles together on a plate and place in a central location in a room. Repeat in each room and area of the home, and light the candles to help set the new vibration in place and to further purify and uplift the energy.


If you feel overwhelmed or overextended, it just might be time to go back to basics. In cases like this, it’s always best to start with clearing clutter. If you feel like you don’t know where to start, start small: maybe just clear out a single drawer or cupboard. And then continue!

Once your clutter is cleared, establish new patterns of clarity and simplicity with the help of clover blossom (either color will work, but white is best for this purpose). For ideas, see the bullet points above in the “purification” section.

Magical Correspondences


Element: Air

Gender: Male

Planet: Mercury