Daisy - The Flowers

The Magic of Flowers: A Guide to Their Metaphysical Uses & Properties - Tess Whitehurst 2013

The Flowers

Magically speaking, daisy is very potent, as she is a living, visible manifestation of simplicity itself. In the same way that roses bridge the world of the seen and unseen as tangible representations of pure love and devotion, daisies remind of us of our inherent innocence and purity; as such, they renew our positivity, refresh our spirits, and restore our health. What’s more, they revive our inner knowing that we are eminently lovable, that we deserve to receive all forms of blessings and support, and that anything is possible. See what I mean? Magically potent indeed.

While the “daisy family” can refer to the entire, extensive Asteraceae family (which includes sunflowers, dahlias, asters, and chamomile, to name but a few), the daisy we’re talking about here includes the flowers we generally recognize as daisy, such as the gerber daisy and Bellis perennis (English daisy or lawn daisy)—although chamomile flowers (and other energetically and visually similar members of the Asteraceae family) also share the properties listed below.

For African daisies, which are a completely different plant, see “African daisy.”

Magical Uses


Well-being is our natural state. As such, by connecting with the purity and simplicity of the daisy, we can release feelings of stress and being overwhelmed and complexity, and restore our inherent immunity and our body’s natural ability to heal itself. Additionally, because daisy’s energy is so clear and potent, she can lend strength to our personal power and magnetic field, and generally help fortify our overall well-being.

For this purpose, bring fresh daisies into healing rooms, plant daisies in the yard, spend time in quiet contemplation with daisy blossoms, take the flower essence, or otherwise magically incorporate her.


Add ten drops daisy essence to a mister of spring water, along with ten to twenty drops eucalyptus or juniper (or a combo) essential oils and five drops white quartz gem elixir or a small white quartz crystal. Shake. Hold in both hands and visualize very bright green light filling the bottle as you say a quick invocation, such as:

Hygeia, goddess of health and healing,

please infuse this potion with vibrations

of healing, purification, and renewal.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Blessed be. And so it is.

Mist yourself, others, and the space to promote an atmosphere of healing.


At first glance, modern life appears to be complex beyond all comprehension. As if that weren’t enough, somewhere along the way we seem to pick up this underlying feeling that we need to figure everything out. And—since figuring everything out in a linear, “logical” way is almost categorically impossible—this makes for a lot of depression, fatigue, stress, and general ennui. Once we let go of this externally imposed need to force logic and scientific understanding on everything, the universe—and life as we know it—reveals itself to be absurdly simple and endlessly sweet; this is the wisdom of the daisy. Simply by spending some time in quiet contemplation with her, you can pierce the illusion of complexity. As a result, your stress will dissipate and your depression will evaporate.

Other ways to benefit from this aspect of daisy’s wisdom include any of the suggestions in the “orientation” section beginning on page 3. Even the symbol of the daisy can be a powerful way to connect with her energy—for example, you might bring a painting of daisies into your space or incorporate daisy imagery into your spellwork.


As you might expect, daisy is also an expert at purification and can be especially useful when stress, worry, clutter, or any form of complexity or energetic congestion is involved. For this purpose, work with any of the methods suggested above. As a magical ingredient, she is also an excellent accelerator and amplifier when added to any purifying spell, ritual, charm, or mixture.


Just as daisy helps amplify our body’s natural healing ability by stripping away what is no longer needed and bringing us back to our natural, vibrant state, she can also help us rediscover our natural state of wealth and prosperity. By aligning us with our inherent purity and deservedness, she strips away our limiting beliefs surrounding receiving money, resources, blessings, and all forms of support so that we can receive the divine sustenance that is our birthright. For this purpose, I suggest bringing a bouquet of daisies onto your altar on the full moon, taking the essence, spending time with the blossoms, burying a dollar bill near the base of a daisy plant on a Thursday during a waning moon, or incorporating the flower into other rituals or charms such as the following.


On the day of a full moon, lovingly gather a fresh daisy blossom, and, in full sunlight, place her on a small piece of green cotton fabric, along with a dollar coin, eight allspice cloves, and a small citrine quartz. Hold your hands over the magical ingredients and say:

I simply receive wealth, I simply receive blessings.

I am perfectly loved and perfectly supported by

the God/dess (or Universe or All That Is). I am so grateful! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Blessed be. And so it is.

Tie the fabric closed with hemp twine. Keep the charm with you, place it on your altar, or sleep with it under your pillow for at least one moon cycle.

Magical Correspondences


Element: Air

Gender: Female

Planets: Sun, Moon