Datura - The Flowers

The Magic of Flowers: A Guide to Their Metaphysical Uses & Properties - Tess Whitehurst 2013

The Flowers

Ilove it when I have the uncommon pleasure of encountering datura growing wild in the dry hills of California. Her energy is evocative of an exotic and inscrutable sorceress or a deliciously dangerous secret. She is a wild queen of the otherworld, and I am utterly ensnared by her charms.

As legend and history have it, I’m not the only one. Native American tribes were known to imbibe a potion made from her to induce visions, ecstatic dancing, prophecy, and spiritual union with the Divine. What’s more, she is associated with witches and flying.

WARNING: I do not recommend consuming any part of the datura plant, as she is extremely toxic. But never fear: datura’s vibration alone is highly potent and can be effectively employed for any of the following magical aims.

Magical Uses

Astral Travel

For help with astral travel, take four drops datura flower essence (purchased by a reputable company or very safely and expertly made) under the tongue. For astral travel in your sleep, you can do this before bed. Alternatively, sleep with a charm bag filled with dried or fresh datura leaves and blossoms under your pillow.

Concealment and Invisibility

If you’d like to conceal or obscure your thoughts, motives, or actions for any reason, or if you’d like to render yourself as close to invisible as possible, consider performing a datura ritual such as this one: charge a dried or fresh datura blossom with your intention; wrap it in clean, white cotton cloth along with an iron pyrite; tie it closed with black ribbon or string; and carry it with you for the duration of the situation.


In a situation where you need to discern other people’s true motives, place a datura leaf and blossom into a small charm bag, along with a hematite. Hold the bag in both hands and charge it with your intention. Keep it in your pocket or elsewhere on your person throughout the duration of the situation.


It’s said that the Incas as well as the Delphic oracle in Greece incorporated datura into the ritual work surrounding their prophecies. Similarly, you might employ her to aid your divination work (e.g., tarot, I Ching, crystal gazing, etc.). For example, before you begin, you might place a very tiny pinch of dried datura leaves and blossoms into a bit of water in a potpourri burner and light it.

Or, to preserve the clarity of your readings and increase the potency of your deck, sew a drawstring bag. As you do so, sew a dried and pressed datura leaf into the lining. Use it to store your tarot cards.


Magic involving utterly enchanting another person or group of people can be greatly aided by the use of datura. This is especially true when you’d like the enchantment to be combined with a level of deep respect and awe. (For example, before a presentation or performance of some kind, a job interview, or a date.) One way to do this would be to visit a blossoming datura in the wild. Sit near the plant and have a conversation. Begin by relaxing and tuning in to the datura, and, when you feel ready, silently express the situation you’d like help with via images and feelings. Then respectfully ask the blossom if she’d share her powers of enchantment and intoxication with you. If she agrees, relax even more deeply and allow her to infuse you with her energy of bewitchment, charm, and cool confidence and calm. When this feels complete, thank her with a small libation of beer, wine, or ale, along with three clean silver coins (such as quarters or silver dollars).

Magical Power

Datura can also be helpful for rituals designed to help you claim the fullness of your magical power and for initiation and self-dedication rituals. For example, before or during the ritual, you might place four drops datura flower essence (purchased from a reputable company or very safely and expertly made) into a cup of water or wine. Hold the cup in both hands and visualize very bright white light filling it. Before you drink, say:

This beverage is now filled with the light of potent magical power.

As I drink it, my strengths are nourished and my gifts are revealed.

Magical Correspondences


Element: Water

Gender: Female

Planet: Moon