Freesia - The Flowers

The Magic of Flowers: A Guide to Their Metaphysical Uses & Properties - Tess Whitehurst 2013

The Flowers

Freesia is that dear friend whom you call whenever you need a pep talk, a confidence boost, or help making sense of it all. Her bright beauty, straightforward charm, potent energy, and buoyant joy can get your energy moving and cure what ails you, whether it has to do with your life conditions, emotional state, or both.

Magical Uses


If you feel immersed in a mental fog or stuck in a conundrum, freesia can help clear things up for you in the most delightful way. Simply bring a bouquet into your home or workplace (the important thing is that you are near it for substantial chunks of time). Then mentally tune in to the flowers, silently thank them for sharing their energy and wisdom, and let them know what you’d like help with. Alternatively, you might take the essence once daily until the fog lifts.

Courage to Make Necessary Changes

You’ve heard this before, but since we can all use a reminder, I’ll say it again: the only constant is change. And change can take the form of growth, movement, or decay. When things (or people) stop growing or moving, guess what? They begin to decay. Still, the fact that the word crisis is literally derived from the Latin for “turning point” just goes to show you how traumatized we humans can feel as we face looming (but necessary) life changes (leaving a job we’re not crazy about, moving to a new city where we don’t know anybody but where we’ve always wanted to live, leaving a relationship, beginning a relationship, etc.).

And this is exactly what freesia can help with. So you might like to employ freesia’s magical benefits if you feel stuck due to a fear of moving forward in a necessary way, or even if you just feel stuck and you’re not exactly sure what path to take (since freesia helps with clarity too).

For this purpose, I suggest adding nine fresh freesia blossoms (or twenty-seven drops freesia essence) to your bath water. Flick your fingers over the water nine times, saying Solve et Coagula (“dissolve and reform”—an alchemical mantra that encourages positive change) once with each flick, and then soaking for at least forty minutes. Any of the suggestions in the previous “clarity” section will also work great.

Healing Depression

Since depression is usually the result of a combination of a lack of the two magical intentions listed above (lack of clarity coupled with lack of courage to make necessary life changes—in other words, being unable to discover what’s wrong and act on that discovery because of a cloud of fear), freesia can be employed as a magical antidote to depression. For help in this area, try the bath from the above section, or any of the other previous suggestions in any combination. For depression that has been going on for an extended period of time, I suggest taking two to three drops freesia essence under the tongue in both morning and evening consistently for at least three months. This will undermine and dissolve the causes of depression and help you create a new, more joyful momentum.


In the same way that honey may be thought of as the energies of sweetness and sunshine made manifest in the physical world, freesia may be thought of as the condensed wisdom and distilled energy of self-love come to life. So if you could use a self-love infusion (and who couldn’t?), spend time with blossoming freesias, bring fresh freesias into your home or workplace, meditate while inhaling the fragrance of the fresh flowers, or take the essence before bed.

Removing Blocks

We say we’re experiencing a block when we feel stuck in a particular life area such as romance or prosperity. Similar to the previous “courage to make necessary changes” and “healing depression” sections, removing blocks has to do with getting your energy moving in the most ideal way possible and flowing courageously with the constant change that characterizes the human life experience.


Some magical ingredients help us dissolve and banish old conditions; others help us construct and invoke new ones. And still others still help us transform the energies contained within old conditions into beautiful new ones. In magic this type of transformation is called transmutation, and freesia is an expert at it.

For example, say you often find yourself in the middle of a lot of bad vibes at work, and you really can’t light a sage bundle or begin loudly chanting om without getting fired or everyone thinking you’re crazy. But what you can do is bring in a bouquet of freesia. The cool thing about that is that you will be freeing the energy currently trapped in negative or challenging patterns, transforming it into positive, helpful energy patterns and putting it to work for you.

Or if you’d like to employ freesia’s transmutation expertise on a more regular basis, you might make the following mist potion.


Place nine drops freesia essence in a mister of rose water, along with eighteen drops lavender essential oil and nine drops clary sage essential oil. Shake to blend, then hold the mister in both hands and say:

All that’s dross shall turn to gold

All that’s stuck shall clearly flow

Bringing brightest blessings clear and bold.

Womb Healing

In many ways, wombs are like hearts: they are emotional centers in the body that relate to the universal female mothering instinct, whether that’s for our children, other people’s children, other adults, animals, plants, the planet, or any other beings that we feel could use protection and support. Freesias hold the specific type of robust, feminine, compassionate energy that specifically can help heal sorts of challenges that might affect this energy center, such as miscarriage, abortion, sexual abuse, emotional issues related to conception or mothering, or any sort of gynecological conditions. To receive an infusion of this energy, surround yourself with freesias, inhale their fragrance, spend time in quiet contemplation with them, grow them, put four drops of the essence in your drinking water, add twenty to forty drops of freesia essence to your bath water, or construct rituals employing them for this purpose.

Magical Correspondences


Element: Water

Gender: Female

Planet: Venus