Hibiscus - The Flowers

The Magic of Flowers: A Guide to Their Metaphysical Uses & Properties - Tess Whitehurst 2013

The Flowers

Magically speaking, hibiscus packs quite a punch! His potency is reliable no matter which of his many magical uses you’re employing, and his diverse benefits weave together to create a richly complex energetic signature. What’s more, as potion ingredients go, hibiscus blossoms are as delicious as they come.

With his relaxing, inspiring, passionate, sensual, and liberating aspects, hibiscus couldn’t be a more perfect choice for the state flower of Hawaii.

Magical Uses


While freedom is our birthright and a natural characteristic of every human being, we can sometimes appear to be unpleasantly stuck in some situation, condition, mindset, or relationship. No matter what the perceived cause of our seeming lack of freedom (fear, guilt, obligation, limiting beliefs, etc.), hibiscus can help us tune in to our inner freedom so that we can liberate ourselves and be the masters of our own glorious destiny.

To employ hibiscus’s freeing benefits and liberate yourself from inner and outer constraints, try taking the essence, adding the essence or flower to your bath water, or drinking hibiscus tea.

Harmony and Relaxation

When we relax and connect with our senses, we begin to find the natural harmony and rhythm that is our natural state. If stressful thoughts or conditions are keeping us from experiencing this relaxation and harmony, hibiscus can help us rediscover it, even if we don’t have time for a week-long mountain retreat or a sunny vacation in the Bahamas.


Using dried hibiscus blossoms or an herbal tea blend containing hibiscus blossoms (for example, any of Celestial Seasonings’ Zinger series), brew a pitcher of tea and chill. Pour over ice in a tall glass and squeeze a small wedge of lime over it. Sit comfortably in front of the glass, consciously relax your body, and take some deep breaths. When you feel sufficiently relaxed, hold your hands over the glass and direct energy through your hands into the potion as you inhale deeply and then chant “Om.” Inhale and chant two more times, then drink mindfully, consciously imbibing the subtleties of the flower’s wisdom and taste.


None of us is 100 percent independent, nor would we want to be—we all rely on others in some way. Still, it’s important we remember and know that at our core, we own our own power, make our own decisions, and are totally self-directed. This not only benefits us, but it benefits all our relationships and all the other people who are in those relationships with us.

So if you feel that you are not in your own driver’s seat or that you fear the idea of being your own person and making your own way, hibiscus might be just the magical ingredient for you. You might magically employ this flower in any of the ways mentioned in the orientation, or try the following charm.


At sunrise on the morning before a full moon, place a dried red or orange hibiscus blossom, an iron pyrite crystal, and a pinch of ground cinnamon in a small red cotton bag. Tie closed with hemp twine, and use the twine to attach a naturally shed feather to the outside of your charm. Hold it in both hands and say: “With the birth of this new day, I own my power and choose my way.” Keep the charm close to you until the next moon cycle.


Is your life characterized by passion? Are you passionate about your work, your hobbies, your loved ones, your favorite social causes, and life in general? If not, put “infuse life with passion” on your magical to-do list ASAP—and find yourself some hibiscus!


Because hibiscus possesses the benefits of relaxation, passion, and sexual desire, he naturally lends himself to romantic magical intentions. And because of his free, independent nature, he’s especially adept at helping us experience romance in ways that allow us to retain our autonomy, personal power, and sense of self, which is always ideal. Employ him in rituals and charms designed for the purpose of drawing or enhancing romance, such as the following.


Make your favorite cupcake recipe and add a pinch of dried hibiscus blossoms to the batter. Conjure up all the swirly, passionate, romantic, lovey-dovey feelings you can, and then stir in a clockwise direction as you direct this romantic energy into the batter. As they’re baking, call on the goddess Venus. Ask her to bless your magic and help draw an ideal romantic partner into your life. (Just to qualify: I mean “ideal” from a divine perspective, not a human one. So instead of requesting that your partner be a specific person or have specific qualities, request that he or she be the best possible partner for you at this particular time in your life, whatever that may mean.) Then open the oven door and blow five kisses to the cupcakes. Add pure vanilla extract and a tiny bit of rose water to the frosting. As you eat, know that you are internalizing the magic and powerfully magnetizing your desire. (All you need to eat is one cupcake, so maybe do this with a group of friends or pass them along to friends who also want to manifest partners. Alternatively, you can eat one per day until they are gone.)

Sexual Desire

As we’ve discussed, hibiscus blossoms are sensualizing, relaxing, and heart-opening, so they naturally get us in touch with our sexual desire. For this purpose, I suggest drinking hibiscus blossom tea. Or, if you want to get fancy, you might make this love potion:


Pour two glasses half full of pink champagne. Add a splash of chilled hibiscus blossom tea to each, along with a bit of rose water and some strawberry puree. Enjoy with a (sexual) partner.

Swift Assistance and Activation

Because of its potent energy and punch, powdered hibiscus blossom can help expedite any magical intention. So if it’s a magical emergency or you’re just in need of some especially swift assistance, you might like to add it to your rituals and charms. You might also use it all on its own as an activator; for example, you can sprinkle it in your wallet or over your bank statement to activate your finances, or sprinkle it over legal documents to get stuck legal situations moving in the right direction.

Magical Correspondences


Element: Fire

Gender: Male

Planets: Venus, Mars