Holly - The Flowers

The Magic of Flowers: A Guide to Their Metaphysical Uses & Properties - Tess Whitehurst 2013

The Flowers

Afavorite magical ally to the Druids and a perennial Christmas decoration, the holly plant is perhaps not quite as famous for his delicate white flowers as he is for his bright red berries and glossy dark green leaves. Among flower essence enthusiasts, however, this is not the case. In fact, holly is one of Edward Bach’s original thirty-eight flower essence remedies and is most commonly employed to help open the heart and align us with the energy of love.

Magical Uses

Divine Connection

The divine, heavenly realm—the world of the wondrous and the oneness of all things—is the truth behind the illusions of discord and separation that can seem to characterize our present life experience. And the holly blossom can help align us with this realm, which in turn can immediately lift our mood and benefit every aspect of our life. This magical benefit may be seen as a number of benefits, including (but not limited to):

✵ angelic support and protection

✵ alignment with the angelic realm

✵ divine support and protection

✵ opening or harmonizing the crown chakra (the spiritual center

at the top of your head)

✵ alignment with the Divine

✵ gaining a truer and more helpful perspective on any given challenge or situation

✵ improving your personal vibration

✵ establishing harmony and peace among groups and households

✵ increasing your blessings by aligning you with divine harmony and flow

For any of these purposes, try working with the flower essence, spending time with the plant, or incorporating the blossom into charms or rituals.


The entire holly plant—including the blossom—is highly protective, but the blossom’s protective powers are perhaps the most potent and concise. In fact, in the words of physician and premier flower essence pioneer Edward Bach, “Holly protects us from everything that is not universal love.” Through aligning us with the divine realm and purifying the vibration in and around us, holly can help magically protect us from all number of seeming dangers, such as:

✵ fire

✵ accidents

✵ anger or discord

✵ any sort of bodily harm

✵ violence

✵ challenges and hassles

✵ wild animals

✵ toxins

✵ earthbound spirits (unhappy ghosts)

✵ negative or harsh energy

✵ hexes and curses

✵ jealousy or envy

As you feel guided, you might work with the flower essence, spend time with the plant, or incorporate the blossom into charms or rituals. To protect a home or other structure, you might add twenty drops holly essence to a bucket of warm water, along with ten to twenty drops lavender essential oil, and ritually wash the outside of the front door (and any other door to the outside) with the mixture.


Because he is so aligned with the divine realm (which is the utter clarity behind the illusion of all seeming energetic debris) and because his vibration is so full of love, holly blossom’s energy is extremely purifying. To purify a space or a person, mist with rose water into which you’ve added ten to twenty drops of holly essence. Alternatively, you might use a sprig of blossoming holly to fling spring water around your space, your own aura, or the aura of someone else. Other ways to employ holly’s purifying powers include any of the previous suggestions.

Sacred Space

All of holly’s magical gifts (divine connection, protection, and purification) lend themselves to establishing sacred space. This means that he can be a great ally when blessing a home or business or creating the space for ritual, yoga, or meditation. For this purpose, bring fresh blossoms into the space, mist the space with rose water containing ten to twenty drops holly essence, or fling spring water around the space with a sprig of blossoming holly.

Magical Correspondences


Element: Air

Gender: Male

Planet: Mars