African Daisy - The Flowers

The Magic of Flowers: A Guide to Their Metaphysical Uses & Properties - Tess Whitehurst 2013

African Daisy
The Flowers



The moment you become aware of a plant’s emanation of stillness and peace, that plant becomes your teacher.


African Daisy

African daisy’s cool receptivity is perfectly balanced by her deep wellspring of magical power. Luckily, she has the ability to awaken this same exquisite balance in the hearts of those with whom she comes into contact.

While there are a number of flowers commonly referred to as African daisies, this entry pertains to the varieties that fall under the closely related genera Osteospermum and Dimorphotheca.

Magical Uses

Divine Alignment

Like the energy center at the top of the head known as the crown chakra, African daisies are like doorways or portals between our everyday, illusory consciousness and the eternal realm of the Divine. So spending time in quiet contemplation with one or more of them can help open up your crown chakra and connect you with the nourishing flow that is your alignment with God/Goddess/All That Is. Other ways to employ her magic include incorporating her into a ritual or placing her on your altar; employing the flower essence; or adding forty drops of the essence to your bath water, along with one cup of sea salt, lighting a purple or white candle, and soaking for at least forty minutes.

Energy Healing

Whether or not we’ve formally studied energy-healing practices, our bodies are lightning rods, our thoughts are electrical impulses, and our feelings have resonance. As such, we all have the ability to channel divine healing energy through our hands and through our thoughts, feelings, and intentions. African daisy can help with these endeavors by facilitating the flow of divine energy through our bodies and conscious awareness, and helping us direct it in ways that bring healing.

So if you’re studying any sort of healing modality (including not just pure energy work, such as reiki, but also things like acupuncture, massage, psychology, or even Western medicine), you might like to add African daisy essence to your water once per day. Employing the essence under your tongue provides a nourishing boost to your healing abilities and personal energy field.

Energetic Fine-Tuning

Like the famed wizard and beneficent ascended master Merlin, African daisy specializes in alchemy and energetic fine-tuning. So if you’re already feeling energetically clear and would just like to fine-tune your vibes and help them stay balanced in an ideal way, try misting yourself and your surrounding energy field with rose water into which you’ve added eight to ten drops African daisy essence. (This might be helpful after a ritual or a yoga class or when you’ve just undergone a major life change and you’d like to facilitate the ideal restructuring of your energetic equilibrium.) You might also use this same mist potion to mist your home or workspace after performing a clearing to harmonize the energies and hold the new vibrational tone in place. And, if you’re an energy healer, you might like to mist your clients and friends with this potion to seal their healing at the end of their session.

Magical Power

Worried that your magical power isn’t what it should be? Pshaw—you’re powerful beyond comprehension! Still, because many of us came into awareness of magic later in life, because we dwell in a culture that doesn’t exactly embrace the subtle realms, and because most of us could love and value ourselves a whole lot more than we presently do, we can sometimes feel a little unsure about our magical power. Plus, in order to wield it effectively, we need to sense it, believe in it, and have confidence in ourselves. What’s more, we need clarity and a strong ability to focus our intentions. African daisy can help with all of these things, which is how she helps us align with and intensify our magical power. If this is your intention, try taking African daisy essence under the tongue every morning and every night until your magical faculties come sufficiently into focus. You might also try creating the following amulet.


On a Monday, tune in to an African daisy blossom and have a silent heart-to-heart with her: let her know your intention to come into alignment with, and have confidence in, your magical power. Then let her know that you’re going to gather her; wait for an inner okay before you do. (In other words, after tuning in to the flower and requesting a blossom, wait until you feel comfortable and positive in your body and mind. If you don’t receive the okay, come back a different day and try again or try another blossom.) After gently snipping the blossom, leave a shiny dime or silver dollar as a gesture of thanks. Dry the blossom on your altar. While she’s drying, sew or otherwise acquire a small lavender drawstring bag that can be worn around your neck (perhaps with the drawstring made long enough to be a necklace). On a full moon night, after the moon has risen, add the blossom to the bag, along with a small moonstone and a small white quartz. Burn white sage smoke around the bag. Hold it in your open, cupped hands and say:

By light and blossom of brightest moon

I boost my magic and boost my mood

By ancient stone and crystals cool

My sacred power I now exude.

Anoint it with jasmine and lemon essential oils. Wear it around your neck. Anoint with the oils again to refresh the magic as desired.


Perhaps you’re interested in performing magic to surround yourself in an aura of mystique—you know, like as an interesting variation on a more straightforward beauty ritual or a spell to make you irresistible at a party. Here’s an example of a mystique-conjuring practice employing African daisy.


In a mister of well water (or spring water in a pinch), add four drops African daisy essence, ten drops ylang ylang essential oil, and five drops neroli essential oil. Shake well. Mist your entire body and aura to surround yourself in a veil of beauty and mystique.

Psychic Abilities

African daisy’s alignment with the subtle realms makes her a great ally for those who would like to boost their psychic and intuitive powers. For this purpose, try adding African daisy essence to your drinking water. Also, please note that water itself is a potent psychic ability enhancer, so it’s ideal to drink a good amount of it every day for this reason and many others.

The previous page’s magical booster amulet will also help with this intention.


By aligning us with the Divine; strengthening our energetic field; and shoring up our magical power, confidence, healing abilities, and awareness of the subtle realms, African daisy can be a powerfully protective ally. She can especially help those of us who get frightened because we feel that there are possibly dangerous invisible forces that are beyond our awareness and therefore out of our control. If this sounds like the kind of protection you’re looking for, try planting African daisies in your yard or employing the flower essence.

Magical Correspondences


Elements: Water, Air

Gender: Female

Planets: Moon, Uranus