Kalanchoe - The Flowers

The Magic of Flowers: A Guide to Their Metaphysical Uses & Properties - Tess Whitehurst 2013

The Flowers

At first glance, kalanchoe might not seem too glamorous, but once you get to know him you’re likely to love his friendly nature, understated wisdom, and “salt of the earth” personality.

Magical Uses


Kalanchoe is very aligned with the earth, and he possesses sturdy, grounded energy. So if you’re feeling flighty, ill at ease, or all over the place, you might want to bring a kalanchoe or two into your flower beds or outdoor pots. This can also help when you’ve recently moved to a new home and you want to establish roots and enhance feelings of ease, familiarity, and belonging.

Inner Fortification

Similarly, when you feel overly sensitive or have to traverse especially challenging emotional or energetic situations (jury duty, hospital visits, or Thanksgiving dinner with the extended family), kalanchoe can help fortify your defenses. For these types of situations, you might like to take two drops kalanchoe essence under the tongue just before bed the night before and again just before entering the situation. Things can roll off your back this way, and you will emerge relatively unscathed.


When harmony (inner or outer) feels difficult to achieve because you feel uncomfortably buffeted by the ups and downs of your day or because you feel constantly harassed by life in general, try planting some kalanchoe near your front door in pots or flowerbeds. Then simply relax, tune in, and ask kalanchoe to share his wisdom and energy with you so that you can experience inner and outer harmony throughout your day. Every time you pass him, try to remember to thank him for doing so. You will feel an immediate sense of enhanced security and stability, and over the course of a few weeks you will begin to experience a steady increase in your overall level of harmony.


According to author Judika Illes in The Encyclopedia of Spirits, kalanchoe can help ward off the sinister creatures called loups-garoux (also known as werewolves) when planted in the yard. Similarly, you may employ kalanchoe in magic performed for the purpose of protecting yourself from negativity from seen or unseen realms.


You can also employ kalanchoe’s sturdy energy to help you do what you need to do during those times that seem to be especially rough. For example, perhaps you just went through a major breakup, and while you want to take at least a month off of work and just lie around crying and eating chocolate all day, you realize it’s just not practical for a number of important reasons. Or perhaps you’ve just experienced the transition of a loved one, and now there are a ton of loose ends you’ve got to tie up, boxes you’ve got to pack, decisions you’re expected to make, and so forth. During times like these, kalanchoe will happily come to your rescue like an old friend. He’ll help you draw on inner reserves you didn’t even know you had so that you can take care of what needs to be taken care of and emerge emotionally intact. For this purpose, I suggest taking the essence, spending time with the blossom, or creating a charm such as a kalanchoe blossom tied in a piece of muslin along with a white quartz crystal point.

These suggestions can also be helpful for children who are healing from abuse, whose parents have divorced or are divorcing, who are changing schools, etc. (Just to clarify: the magic of kalanchoe isn’t about emotional healing per se, but more about getting through big changes and challenges with courage and grace.)

Magical Correspondences


Element: Earth

Gender: Male

Planet: Saturn