Agapanthus - The Flowers

The Magic of Flowers: A Guide to Their Metaphysical Uses & Properties - Tess Whitehurst 2013

The Flowers

Although she is often called the lily of the Nile, agapanthus actually hails from South Africa, not Egypt. Still, the moniker is highly appropriate, especially since her energy is so in alignment with the beloved and awe-inspiring goddess of goddesses Isis. Elegant, intelligent, wise, and utterly self-mastered, the beautiful agapanthus can help us find our confidence, live our destiny, and be the reigning queen (or king) of our own life experience.

Magical Uses


Anytime we find ourselves in a position of authority, it is important to accept the mission and fully inhabit our role as an authority figure. Not because we are superior (because we aren’t) but because this way, not only will we enjoy our position more, but we will also be more effective at reaching our goals and helping others to be happy and shine.

This is an important part of what agapanthus has to teach. Her mere vibration can help uncover our own inherent comfort with roles of authority. In fact, you’ll notice that all of her other magical properties lend themselves to this goal quite nicely.

For this purpose, I suggest any or all of the following:

✵ plant her in your yard

✵ imbibe the flower essence

✵ spend time in quiet contemplation with her, and mentally ask her for help and guidance regarding your specific situation


Agapanthus teaches the kind of confidence that arises from true self-esteem combined with high standards and an attitude of excellence. If this is something you could use a little more of, you might employ the flower essence, plant agapanthus around the outside of your home, or perform the following ritual. (Incidentally, you can use this same ritual for any of the magical uses listed in this section—just substitute the desired quality in place of “confidence.”)


Visit a blossoming agapanthus. Sit or stand comfortably, and relax your mind. As you gaze at her, connect with her energy and sense her quiet, intense confidence. Request that she share this with you. Then, when you feel her say yes, open your heart and mind to allow this energy to flow into your being. When this feels complete, thank her by pouring a bottle of clean water around her roots.


All of agapanthus’s magical qualities combined equal elegance. So if elegance is a quality you’re craving, or if you’d like to magically pour it on thick for a particular interview or event, agapanthus can help. You might employ the essence by creating the following potion so that you can exude an aura of elegance.


Start with eight to twelve ounces of a cruelty-free body lotion or body oil. Magically speaking, the only thing that matters about the fragrance is that it says “elegance” to you, so either create your own fragrance blend and add it to the lotion/oil or choose one already fragranced to your liking. Then simply add four drops agapanthus essence, shake well, and apply liberally after showering or bathing. Be aware that this will have a very powerful effect, so I recommend lighting a candle, relaxing, and breathing deeply for at least five minutes after applying to steady your energy and align with the vibration of agapanthus in the most ideal way.


Agapanthus energy is like an Ivy League college, a five-star restaurant, an A-list celebrity, an elite team of NASA scientists, or a classic Aston Martin in perfect condition. In other words, her standards don’t stop at “pretty good” or even “great” but soar all the way up to “top of the line.” So if excellence is a goal of yours in any arena, you might like to get agapanthus on the payroll. For example, you might try:

✵ spiking the punch (or other beverage) at a business meeting with six to ten drops of agapanthus essence and saying a quick blessing before the meeting to craftily give everyone’s standards an excellence infusion (alternatively, you might add three to six drops to a mister of spring water and mist the room before everyone arrives)

✵ planting agapanthus around your home or business

✵ adding the essence to your drinking water until you feel you’ve sufficiently assimilated the excellence vibe

✵ imbibing the essence before a job interview, test, public presentation, etc.

✵ spending time with a blossoming agapanthus (see previous page’s simple confidence infusion ritual)


We are all highly intelligent; it’s just a matter of finding the things we love and the areas where we excel. Once we do, focus and hard work become blessings rather than curses, and we can often have fun even as we move through the trials and tribulations along our beautiful life path. When we find ourselves in the midst of such a trial or tribulation—say, a particularly difficult college class or a challenging situation at work—we can lend momentum to our success by employing agapathus’s magical ability to enhance and fortify our natural intelligence. For this purpose, try employing the essence, spending time in quiet contemplation with a blossom, or planting agapanthus around your home or business.

Intuition and Inner Knowing

There is the kind of eerily accurate intuition that comes from the watery, otherworldly realm of the spirit. There is also the kind of spot-on intuition that comes from a vast storehouse of knowledge and finely honed mental processes. And then there is the kind of intuition that takes it to the next level by combining both. This, my friends, is the brand of top-shelf intuition we are talking about when agapanthus is involved. If you are a spy, an intuitive counselor, a parent, or really a problem solver of any kind (and who isn’t?), you might want to take her energy for a spin: employ the essence, plant her around your office, or spend some time connecting with her vibe (as in the infusion ritual).

Knowledge of Our Own Divinity

This particular life experience seems to be characterized by two ways of perceiving: the true way of perceiving and the illusory way of perceiving. The true way is that we are all one with the Divine. The illusory way is that we are all separate from each other and everything else. When we perceive exclusively in the illusory way, we can hold ourselves back from living our greatness by asking things like “Who do I think I am to be healing people (or doing any number of things my soul really wants to do)?” or “What is the point of painting pictures anyway? Why should I care?” But when we also have an awareness of our divine nature, we can allow our gifts to flow through us without getting attached to the idea that the “little me” did them or wants to do them. We can perceive that a little human with little human flaws can allow divine inspiration and beauty to flow through him or her in order to benefit the world. We don’t have to wait until we are perfect or superhuman to do what our heart is urging us to do, and once we do it, we don’t have to feel like we are superior to everyone else. We can hold both awarenesses at once—the illusory one and the true one—and, as such, our gifts can blossom forth and bless the world. This is just one more aspect of agapanthus’s message!

To become even more deeply aware of your own divine, eternal nature as it flows through your temporary, illusory nature, try employing the essence or spending time in quiet contemplation with a blossoming plant.


Self-mastery is the ability to consistently manage our thoughts, process our feelings, and care for our body in ways that benefit us and help us grow. Considering all the aforementioned facets of agapanthus’s wisdom, is it any wonder she can help us with this? She helps us to love ourselves as we are and recognize our strengths as we work toward our goals and strive for ever-greater levels of excellence. For this reason, she might be a great ally to help with keeping your New Year’s resolutions or initiating any self-improvement endeavor.

Magical Correspondences


Elements: Air, Water

Gender: Female

Planets: Jupiter, Saturn