Magnolia - The Flowers

The Magic of Flowers: A Guide to Their Metaphysical Uses & Properties - Tess Whitehurst 2013

The Flowers

The wise and beautiful magnolia is so ancient that she actually predates bees. Indeed, gazing at a magnolia blossom awakens a primal connection to the earth and one’s spiritual lineage.

Magical Uses

Awakening Ancient Wisdom

Deep within us, in our genetic memory and in our buried memories of old lifetimes, we hold ancient wisdom. Magnolia can help us remember this wisdom and allow it to be reborn into our present incarnation.

Pollinated by beetles, her symbolism of rebirth appears twice over: she is herself an ancient being alive and well in modern times, thanks to the continued attentions of the beetle, itself an ancient Egyptian representation of rebirth.

To help reactivate your ancient magical wisdom and power, you might visit a flowering magnolia and silently commune with her.


Traditionally, magnolia has been magically employed to help ensure one’s partner’s fidelity. In general, it’s probably not a good sign if you’re feeling so mistrustful of your partner that you feel it necessary to take magical measures to ensure his or her fidelity. Still, if we get a little insecure sometimes, who can blame us? The following ritual will help put your mind at ease.


First, at any time in your life (not necessarily right before you perform the visualization), make friends with a blossoming magnolia tree. In other words, spend some quiet time with her and let her wisdom sink into your bones. Commune. Breathe. Become one. When this feels complete, thank her for her alliance and offer her a little gift such as a bottle of ale or a small white quartz crystal. Then, whenever you feel that little tug of jealousy, mistrust, or worry, no matter where you are, simply call your botanical ally to mind. Call your partner to mind as well and envision him or her completely encompassed in one of magnolia’s blossoms. Deep in your heart, know that for the next twenty-four hours, they will not stray. (Or, if they do, you will be alerted to the truth.)

Goddess Energy

Femininity is not always gentle or demure. In fact, femininity also has a face that is strong and intense. Magnolia embodies this fiercer face of femininity and aligns us with the powerful goddess energy that already dwells within.

This can be especially helpful for women who are feeling uncomfortable about their age, as magnolia can show us the blinding radiance of our own true nature and help us claim our power and recognize our continuously flowering beauty.

To receive these benefits, visit a flowering magnolia. Relax and quiet your mind, focusing on the blossoms and the tree. Really get a feeling for her personality and her unique brand of potency and power. Notice how she is like a woman who is blindingly beautiful at any age because of the spirituality and sure-footed grace that shines through her. Then recognize this energy within yourself. See that it’s already there, and allow its radiance to brighten until you can feel it shining out of you in equal measure.

Alternatively, work with the essence.

Independence and Personal Power

Because magnolia possesses the goddess energy described above, she can help us with issues related to independence and personal power. For example, you might create an “altar to independence” or “altar to personal power” in your home. Choose a small table or shelf and spread an attractive cloth over it. Place a small statue or picture of a powerful goddess, such as Isis or Hecate, in the center as a focal point. Then place a single magnolia blossom in water and add it to the altar, making sure to have picked it with reverence and gratitude. You might also add other items such as crystals, candles, incense, affirmations, or victorious-looking photos of yourself. (Just make sure the candles don’t singe or uncomfortably heat up the flower.)

Wonderment and Awe

As children, something as simple as a butterfly can fill us with exhilaration and so much joy we can hardly contain ourselves. But as adults, this wonderment can sometimes seem to falter. Sometimes we can even get so jaded or numb that we plunge into depression and feel completely disconnected from our inspiration.

As a plant that’s been around for millions of years and always finds it in her heart to burst forth in fragrant bloom once again every single spring, magnolia can help us refresh the sense of childlike awe that is our emotional, spiritual, and creative lifeblood.

To reap these benefits, try this:


Bring two glass bottles of chilled sparkling mineral water and a pair of scissors or shears to a blossoming magnolia tree. Place everything on the ground except one bottle of water. Hold it in both hands and mentally charge it with white light, then pour it around the base of the tree as you silently request that the tree help you remember your sense of childlike wonderment and awe. Hold the other bottle in both hands and mentally charge it with white light. Sit beneath the tree and slowly drink it as you relax, quiet your mind, and receive an infusion of energetic healing from the tree. (It doesn’t matter if you can feel this or not—it is happening!) Then silently let the tree know you’re about to gather one of her blossoms, and send her gratitude and love. Gently snip the first blossom that calls to you, and bring it home. Once you’re home, tie it up with hemp twine in bright pink satin, along with a lepidolite crystal (that has been cleansed in sunlight, running water, and/or sage smoke) and a fresh sprig of mint. Place it or hang it so that it’s a few feet above your head as you sleep. After one moon cycle, or when your joy returns, take the charm back to the tree, open it up, and leave its contents at the tree’s base. Dispose of the satin and twine.

Magical Correspondences


Element: Earth

Gender: Female

Planet: Venus