Morning Glory - The Flowers

The Magic of Flowers: A Guide to Their Metaphysical Uses & Properties - Tess Whitehurst 2013

Morning Glory
The Flowers

This divine climbing plant has quite a magical résumé. In fact, it’s said that Iroquois healers respected her power so much that even touching her was done with great care. Additionally, she’s been employed by a number of Native American tribes—and, later, Spanish and European settlers—to receive visions and heal a variety of physical ills.

Still, due to her high level of toxicity, I don’t recommend consuming any part of the plant other than her blossom’s delicate vibration preserved in a very safely and expertly formulated essence. It’s even said that her toxic elements can enter through your skin if you’re doing a lot of barehanded pruning, so be sure to wear gloves!

Magical Uses

Awakening to the Magic of Life

Just as morning glory is quick to lift her face to greet each new day, she can help us open up to the magic of life like a blossom in the sun. Like a shaman, she also dwells between the worlds of form and spirit, and she can help us see behind the veil of time and the everyday world and gaze into the heart of the eternal.

To receive these benefits, visit a blossoming morning glory in the morning (while her blossoms are open). Sit or stand quietly, tune in to her energy, then silently request that she help you awaken to the magic of life. When you feel her assent to your request, gratefully blow her three kisses and offer her a bottle of fresh spring or well water by pouring it near her base. Tune in to her for a few moments more, thank her deeply, and then go on your magical way. Alternatively or additionally, starting on a new moon, take three drops morning glory essence under the tongue as the sun rises. After you do so, say “I am awake to the magic of life” three times. Repeat every day until the next new moon.

Clarity and Simplicity

When the hustle and bustle of everyday challenges crowd our consciousness, making us feel harried, overwhelmed, and like everything is a big old complicated mess, morning glory can help. She boils things down for us, reminding us that really, when it comes right down to it, how much money we have doesn’t matter. Neither does keeping up with the Joneses or keeping the car spotlessly clean or making the perfect Thanksgiving dinner. She reminds us that all that matters is love, and that all that is real is this moment. In truth, there is no past, no future, no scoreboard, and no struggle. This simplifies everything and helps us to feel streamlined, joyful, and energized.

To align with this aspect of morning glory’s wisdom, sit in front of a blossoming morning glory in the morning (while she is open). Since there will likely be dew on the ground, you might want to bring a towel or small camping chair. Sit with your spine straight, close your eyes, and relax as you consciously begin to merge with her beautiful, simple energy. When you feel aligned with her, with your eyes still closed, converse with her silently by saying something on your mind, such as:

Morning glory, please help me to remember what is important and

let go of what isn’t. Please help me to come in to the present moment

and to experience joyful simplicity in every area of my life. Thank you.

Another way to align with this wisdom (which you may do concurrently or individually) is to take three drops morning glory essence in a small glass of water as the sun rises, starting at a full moon and continuing until the following new moon.

Happiness and Harmony

Scott Cunningham states that “grown in the garden, blue morning glories bring peace and happiness.” Indeed, if you consider all the other aspects of her wisdom stated in this chapter, happiness would be a natural side effect of having her around—particularly the blue ones, as their rich, velvety color is especially suited to awakening our personal divinity and bringing nourishment and balance to the soul.

Taking three drops morning glory essence under the tongue or in water as the sun is rising can also help confer happiness and harmony. (A blue variety would be exceptionally powerful for this purpose.) Repeat until you feel these energies have been sufficiently absorbed into your energy field, perhaps for one moon cycle.

Intuition and Divine Guidance

Blue morning glories resonate with the brow chakra, the seat of intuition, while the purple and white varieties resonate with the crown chakra, where our personal energy merges with the energy of the Divine. Magically employ them individually, according to your needs. An essence, essence potion, or charm incorporating one or more blossoms representing each of these two chakras (blue and purple/white) would be especially powerful for awakening intuition and aligning one with divine guidance.


Receptivity is an energy, or aspect, that is important to success in a number of life areas. For example, in order to experience harmonious relationships, we must be able to receive love and support. And in order to experience abundance, we must be able to receive opportunities and blessings. So if you feel that you have been blocking your natural flow of blessings by being all give and no receive, morning glory can help. For this purpose, on the evening of a full moon, you might try adding forty drops morning glory essence to your bath water, along with one cup sea salt and a moonstone. By candlelight, soak for at least forty minutes, drinking plenty of fresh water as you do so.

You may also (or instead) take three drops morning glory essence under the tongue before bed every night from the full moon to the new; as you close your eyes, envision a morning glory and consciously draw her energy into your personal energy field. Then think or say:

I am receptive to blessings. I am receptive to opportunities.

I am receptive to abundance. I am receptive to love.


When we simplify, harmonize, and align with the Divine, deep, natural relaxation is a natural result. Our stress is soothed, and we feel that we can relax into the moment and into the arms of the Divine. This is why morning glory can help with stress relief and sleep. For this purpose, try any of the aforementioned recommendations or simply drink a cup of chamomile, kava, or valerian tea (perhaps before bed or after work) into which you’ve added three drops morning glory essence.

Magical Correspondences


Element: Water

Gender: Female

Planet: Moon