Narcissus - The Flowers

The Magic of Flowers: A Guide to Their Metaphysical Uses & Properties - Tess Whitehurst 2013

The Flowers

It’s hard to think of a happier or more blissful flower than the narcissus, also commonly known as the daffodil. Like the gentle warmth of early spring sunshine, he awakens joy, enhances positive energy, and thaws out sorrow.

Magical Uses

Connection to the Otherworld

Narcissus, like lilac, opens the doorway of light between the physical realm and the otherworld. However, while lilac is more about the connection between us and our deceased loved ones, narcissus is more about life, springtime, rebirth, and the beneficent beings of light associated with these energies, such as angels and faeries.

Freedom from the Past

If we have negative or challenging emotions associated with the past, it’s important that we acknowledge them and feel them fully. Still, at some point we must heal them and let them go so that they don’t continue to taint our present and future moments. Narcissus can help us do this by bringing us into the present moment, aligning us with self-love and perfect emotional support, and enlisting the help of divine beings of sweetness and light to guide us and comfort us in exactly the ways that are most needed.


If you’re ready to heal your grief, anger, or other challenging emotions and let the past go so that you can embrace and enjoy the present as fully as possible, get a small glass bottle of blessed water, hold it in both hands, call on the God/dess to bless it, and imagine it filled with golden-white, divine light. Bring it to a blossoming narcissus on a sunny morning during the waning moon. Get comfortable (whether sitting or standing), consciously relax your muscles, take some deep breaths, and tune in. Feel your feelings as fully as you can, and then ask the blossoms to help you release and heal from the past so that you can move on. Feel yourself surrounded and blessed by the golden, sunshiny energy of the blossoms. Enter into this energy and let it permeate and shift your awareness. Then offer the blessed water to the plant by pouring it around the roots. Thank the plant and go on your merry way.

Present-Moment Awareness

Simply by inhaling narcissus’s sweet scent and sitting with his powerful energy, we can begin to release excess thinking about the past and future and to realign with the present moment, which—in actuality—is the only moment there truly is. So if you’re feeling harried, worried, scattered, or simply not present, take a time-out with a narcissus blossom or two and refresh your connection with the here and now.

Reclaiming Personal Power

If for any reason you’ve been feeling controlled, beaten down, or drained by others or life in general, narcissus can give you an infusion of self-love that will help you reclaim your personal power and free yourself from the seeming control other people and conditions have over you.

Taking two to three drops narcissus or daffodil flower essence under the tongue or in your water bottle daily can help with this. So can the following ritual.


On a sunny morning when the moon is between new and full, visit a blossoming narcissus plant or plants while holding two similarly sized white quartz crystal points. (Be sure to cleanse them first in cold running water or white sage smoke.) Bathe the crystals in sunlight for about one minute. Then hold them gently, one in each hand. Relax, take some deep breaths, and begin to observe and tune in to the blossoms. When you feel ready, conjure up the feelings of self-mastery and calm empowerment that you’d like to experience as best as you can. Feel this state of being as if it’s already 100 percent true for you, and allow any associated pictures or situations to arise in your consciousness. Next, quiet your mind and allow yourself to receive wordless support and encouragement from the blossoms. When this feels complete, bury or place one of the crystal points next to the base of the blossoming plant(s). Keep the other one with you, and sleep with it near your head until the following new moon.


Self-love is perhaps narcissus’s specialty. Simply spending time around narcissus blossoms imparts the wisdom of “Of course I love myself! What’s not to love?” But if self-love is a deep and long-standing issue for you, or if you’re encountering special challenges in this area in any way, plant narcissus in your garden or try taking the essence regularly for around a month or until the issue is resolved.

If this is coupled with being overly concerned about perfection or cleanliness, also consider concurrently taking crabapple essence.

Spiritual Refreshment

If your spirit could use a pick-me-up, connect with blossoming narcissus flowers to discover the refreshment you seek. If you simply relax and tune in after inhaling his fresh fragrance, you’ll receive a wordless, organic sermon on the sweetness and magic of life. The floodgates to the miraculous will be lifted for you, and beings of light and love will whisper messages of hope and renewal from just beyond the veil. Even if you aren’t consciously aware of it, it is happening.

Romantic Love

Self-love is the number one prerequisite to drawing and maintaining healthy, harmonious, and passionate romantic love. As such, narcissus naturally helps with romantic love as well.

Magical Correspondences


Element: Air

Gender: Male

Planets: Venus, Neptune