Oak - The Flowers

The Magic of Flowers: A Guide to Their Metaphysical Uses & Properties - Tess Whitehurst 2013

The Flowers

While oak trees are known by many as numinous storehouses of ancient magical knowledge, they aren’t exactly famous for their flowers—unless, of course, you’re a student of the language of flowers or a flower essence enthusiast, in which case you are likely to have an inkling of the considerable magical wisdom of the unassuming little oak blossom.

Magical Uses


As opposed to “fast money” magic or “get rich quick” spells, oak blossoms are in it for the long haul. They can help us create the energy shifts necessary for earning and receiving money in a sustainable and fulfilling way. This is not to say that they can’t also help us out in a pinch, but they will do it with the expectation that any temporary financial fixes are ultimately for the purpose of the long-term goal of sustained financial well-being.

If abundance has been an ongoing challenge for you in the past, and you’re ready to turn that around, you might try the following charm.


On a new moon, visit a blossoming oak tree with a shiny silver dollar in your pocket. Stand near the trunk, place your hands on it, and relax as you exchange energy with the tree. Gaze down and think about how rooted the tree is into the earth. Gaze up and consider how he easily and naturally receives all the sunlight and water he needs. Consider how long he has been in this exact location and how long he will continue to be here in the future. Say:

Just as everything you need is always provided to you, so is everything I need always provided for me. Just as your roots go deep and your branches reach high, so do my roots go deep and branches reach high. Thank you for reminding me of my infinite wealth.

Then lovingly gather a cluster of oak blossoms. Leave the silver dollar near the base of the tree as a token of your gratitude. Once home, wrap the blossom in a dollar bill (folding it toward yourself), and then wrap that in a small piece of green cloth. Tie it closed with hemp twine. Hold it in both hands and say:

Everything I need is always provided for me. My roots go deep and my branches reach high. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Blessed be. And so it is.

Place the charm near your financial documents or checkbook, in your purse, in the prosperity area of your home, or on your altar.

Creating Your Own Luck

According to ancient Chinese wisdom, there are a number of factors affecting the overall luck quotient of any given person. Some of them we can’t change: for example, when or where we are born or who our parents happen to be. But there’s a considerable portion of our luck that we can change, and that has to do with how we choose to perceive and interact with the world around us. Changing this kind of luck, and aligning us with our luckiest possible stars, is one of the oak blossom’s specialties.


To change your luck for the better, make a cup of green tea just before sunrise on the morning of the new moon. Doctor it up according to your tastes, and then add four drops oak flower essence. Hold it in both hands and visualize very bright, oak-blossom-colored light (think spring green) filling and surrounding the cup. Say: “Luck is my natural state. Luck is my birthright. I am lucky beyond my fondest dreams.” Drink the tea as the sun rises. Repeat each morning until the next new moon, and remember to notice and celebrate all your lucky breaks—even the seemingly tiny ones—each day.


Oak blossoms can help you in magical workings related to procuring employment of all sorts—and perhaps especially employment that falls under the hospitality category, as oak blossoms symbolize hospitality in the Victorian language of flowers.


On a Thursday when the moon is between new and full, visit a blossoming oak tree. After relaxing and tuning in to the tree, lovingly gather a cluster of blossoms. Leave a silver dollar near the base of the tree as a token of gratitude. Once home, bundle the oak blossom in a small piece of royal blue fabric, along with a hematite and a silver dollar. Tie it closed with hemp twine. Hold it in both hands and say:

I am in perfect vibrational alignment with the divinely perfect job for me, and in the realm of truth, I have already found this job and acquired it. It is now mine, swiftly, easily, and perfectly. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Blessed be. And so it is.

Keep the charm near you when searching for job listings and submitting résumés or applications, and take it with you to job interviews.

Focus and Long-Term Determination

When we’re in alignment with our divine talents and truest desires, we are able to focus as a matter of course. Hard work seems to flow out of us naturally and abundantly, and our inner critic takes a back seat to our all-encompassing determination. Oak blossom can help set us on this course.

But be aware: oak blossom will only help you focus on things that are in alignment with your heart’s true desires. In other words, if you’re taking a chemistry class because your heart of hearts wants to be a doctor, oak blossom will help you focus on chemistry. If you’re taking a chemistry class because your dad wants you to be a doctor (but you want to be an artist), oak blossom will not help you focus on chemistry.

To infuse yourself with the focus and determination to commit to your goals and live the life of your dreams, take the essence regularly until you feel the shift.

Success in School or Work

Because of the attributes mentioned elsewhere in this entry, oak blossom can help us experience success in school or work. Employ oak blossoms in your magical workings for this purpose or try taking the essence.

Tapping Your Divine Energy Source

If you have low energy and you suspect the causes might be that you seem to have misplaced the joy in your life and you’re disconnected from your true desires, oak blossom can help you reconnect and get your energy moving in a healthy way.

To reap these benefits, visit a blossoming oak and silently tune in to the blossoms, allowing yourself to receive an energetic infusion and a potent dose of oak blossom wisdom. Additionally or instead, create a charm with the blossom or take the essence.

Magical Correspondences


Element: Earth

Gender: Male

Planet: Sun