Pansy (also Viola and Violet) - The Flowers

The Magic of Flowers: A Guide to Their Metaphysical Uses & Properties - Tess Whitehurst 2013

Pansy (also Viola and Violet)
The Flowers

Amemorable component of Ophelia’s dying bouquet, pansies—as well as violas and violets—are domesticated descendants of wild violas, and all have similar vibrational properties. Most pansies/violas/violets found in gardens are cultivated solely for aesthetic reasons, while wild violas (technically Viola tricolor, or heartsease) are medicinally employed by herbalists to heal a number of ailments.

These flowers have a clear magical mission, which is to multiply the amount of divine beauty in the world. When it comes to humans, they do this through example and by attuning our thoughts and ideas to the frequency of beauty.

The word pansy is from the French word penser, which means “to think,” and violas purportedly got their name from the divinely beautiful Greek nymph Io.

For convenience’s sake, henceforth the name pansy will be used, although this entry is inclusive of all members of the viola/violet family.

Magical Uses

Calming Stress Relief

Standing in the shade and gazing at a pansy will immediately envelop you in a sense of velvety coolness and calm. You can also benefit from this property of pansy by bringing fresh pansies into your space or taking four drops pansy essence under the tongue or in water as needed. A cool bath into which you’ve added thirty drops pansy essence or fresh pansy blossoms can help soothe anxiety and panic attacks.


If your thinking has been muddled or you’ve been pondering an important decision, spend time in quiet contemplation with a pansy (ideally while you’re both in the shade) or take the essence as needed. Or, on a piece of paper, clearly state what you’d like clarity on and why. Then fold it in half twice and set it under a bouquet of fresh pansies on your altar.


When we treat ourselves harshly or engage in anything excessive, pansy can help balance us out with a good dose of gentle serenity. For this purpose, take the essence regularly and place one or more fresh pansies on your nightstand (or otherwise near your head) while you sleep. And just a drop of pansy essence in water can help us heal the emotions of our children or animal companions when they’ve been acting angry or violent. Administer on a daily basis until no longer necessary.


Pansies can help us receive the types of divinely inspired ideas that eventually germinate into beautiful things, such as businesses, nonprofit organizations, and works of art. They do this by clearing our mind and attuning us to a vibration that allows divine inspiration (in the form of beautiful thoughts and ideas) to flow through. This can be helpful for things like meetings, brainstorms, think tanks, and creative endeavors.


As I mentioned above, pansies are characterized by the energy of divine beauty. As such, they also hold the energy of divine romantic love—not the passionate, sensual aspect of it but the intellectual and intuitive connection shared by the happiest and most intimate couples. They can help both draw and renew this type of love. For either purpose, you might construct an altar such as the following.


On a Friday when the waxing moon is in Pisces or Libra, assemble a simple love altar with a bouquet of nine fresh pansies, two rose quartz hearts, two violet candles, and a small piece of paper on which you have written exactly what you would like to manifest, as if it were already true. Light the candles, and conjure up the feelings aligned with the satisfaction of your desire. In the following days and weeks, allow the candles to burn at intervals until burned all the way down. When the pansies begin to wilt, place them at the base of a tree.

Love Divination

Another specialty of pansies is giving us insight into our partner’s true thoughts. In fact, just spending time in quiet conversation with pansies and requesting their assistance in this area can help you gain the insight that you seek. Similarly, if you’re doing a tarot or I Ching reading (or similar) for the purpose of learning more about a potential partner or a present romantic relationship, you might set a bouquet of fresh pansies on the table. Or you might try…


After dark, when the moon is in a Water sign, fill a clear glass or black ceramic bowl with spring or well water. Place it on a small table covered by a black table cloth. Place four soy votive candles at each corner of the small table. Turn off all electric lights and light the candles. Float two fresh pansy blossoms on the water. Sit comfortably in front of the table and relax deeply. When you feel ready, ask your love-related question. Then let your eyes go out of focus, gaze at the water, and—in your imagination, with your gut feelings, and with your physical sight—allow yourself to see what you see and know what you know.


Pansies help purify us on every level: mind, body, and spirit. Wild violas (Viola tricolor) are used as a purifying remedy for the skin, bladder, and lungs. Pansy flower essence can help purify our thoughts and feelings, and heal us from feelings of spiritual or emotional pollution. During Elizabethan times, pansies were associated with the pure and innocent aspects of romantic love.


The more we get to know ourselves, the more we love ourselves and the happier and better-adjusted we are. Indeed, negative self-talk and low self-esteem have everything to do with the illusion and misinformation that we are less than divine. Pansies support the sort of self-exploration that leads to an understanding of our own intrinsic beauty and worth.

✵ To put the brakes on negative self-talk and begin to replace it with gentle and loving self-exploration, put three drops pansy essence and two drops white chestnut essence (a Bach flower remedy) in water and drink first thing in the morning and first thing before bed until no longer necessary.

✵ To support the conscious unfolding of your own beautiful spirit and to help you find direction based on your heart’s true desires and deepest joy, spend time in quiet contemplation with a pansy (ideally while sitting in the shade, which is aligned with pansy’s cool, introspective vibration).

✵ While you’re exploring your depths and getting to know yourself better, grow pansies in your garden or place a small bouquet of them

on your altar.

Magical Correspondences


Element: Water

Gender: Female

Planet: Neptune