Peony - The Flowers

The Magic of Flowers: A Guide to Their Metaphysical Uses & Properties - Tess Whitehurst 2013

The Flowers

Peony is so beloved in Asia, he just may be the Asian equivalent of the rose. Throughout the Western world as well, this lush, sweet-smelling blossom has been revered for centuries for his healing and protective abilities.

Magical Uses


Energetically, peony is an excellent cleanser, bringing freshness and healing to the emotions and physical body by removing blocks, old patterns, and challenging attachments. For this purpose, try misting yourself or your space with rose water into which you’ve added six to ten drops peony essence, bringing peony blossoms into your space, using a peony blossom to flick blessed spring water around yourself or your home, or bathing in water into which you’ve added fresh peony blossoms or twenty to thirty drops peony essence.


Peony’s name comes from the Greek Paeon, a student of Aesclepius, the god of medicine. As the story goes, Aesclepius became dangerously jealous of Paeon’s healing abilities, and Zeus transformed him into a flower to rescue him from Aesclepius’s wrath. Not surprisingly, in ancient Greek medicine the peony was employed to heal a number of different complaints. Paeon, of course, is also a word that has come to mean a song of praise and is traditionally associated with praise to the solar god Apollo, another deity associated with powerful healing.

To support physical healing, wear a necklace of fresh peonies, place a bouquet near the healing bed, or take the essence. You might also lovingly care for a peony plant in your yard, gently letting him know the health challenge you’d like help with (for yourself or another) and respectfully requesting that he lend his healing expertise.

Prosperity and Luxury

According to author Terese Bartholomew in Hidden Meanings in Chinese Art, “the peony is the flower of wealth and honor” in China. Similarly, authors Gretchen Scoble and Ann Field point out in The Meaning of Flowers that peonies “were flowers that only the rich could afford to grow in Japan. Therefore the peony symbolizes prosperity for the Japanese.” Indeed, the peony—with his soft, abundant petals and sweet, heavenly fragrance—evokes feelings of luxury and comfort. And since what we focus on and feel expands, magically working with peony can help us attract and maintain luxurious conditions in our lives.

Protection and Exorcism

In Western folk magic, peonies have traditionally been employed for protection against imps, faeries, ghosts, “lunacy,” and nightmares, and for help with exorcism rituals. For energetic protection, carry or wear a peony, or plant peony in your yard. You might also incorporate his blossom or essence into protective rituals and exorcism rituals. For protection against nightmares, sleep with a fresh peony blossom under your pillow, add two to three drops peony essence to a cup of chamomile tea and drink before bed, or bring a bouquet of peonies into the bedroom.

Success and Confidence

Although rarely used in holistic medicine today, peony roots and seeds have been traditionally employed as sedatives and antispasmodics. This relaxing aspect of the peony’s vibration, along with his alignment with wealth and honor, make him an excellent ally for job interviews, presentations, performances, and any other situation in which a relaxed, calm, confident mind is of the essence.

Magical Correspondences


Elements: Water, Fire

Gender: Male

Planets: Sun, Moon