Poppy - The Flowers

The Magic of Flowers: A Guide to Their Metaphysical Uses & Properties - Tess Whitehurst 2013

The Flowers

Poppy—with her ability to help us release our cares and relax into the arms of the Infinite—may be one of the most magically useful flowers. Interestingly, the opiates that are so famously, profitably, and often illegally derived from poppies are often valued for the same reason, although the vibrational and magical properties of poppy go about it in a much safer and gentler way.

Calm Energy

In addition to helping us sleep, poppies also help us release our stress, worry, and the fear-based motivations that drain us of our natural energy. If you find that you often feel simultaneously wired and drained (a condition unique to people who are motivated by stress), try taking three to four drops poppy essence regularly for at least two weeks to begin to restructure your motivation and align you with a gentle, sustainable supply of energy.

Please note: when employing poppy essence for this purpose, for the first week (and possibly into the second), your energy levels initially may feel worse before they get better. This is just because your old motivators will begin to fall away as your natural energy reserves begin to rebuild themselves.

Communion with the Infinite

Poppy specializes in reminding us of our true identity, as well as that of time and all of existence—which is, of course, infinity itself. As such, poppy can help lift our spirits, enhance our mood, and even heal depression. To experience these benefits, spend time with the flower or take the essence.


It’s said that poppy seeds can help magically confer an ability to become invisible at will. This, you’ll notice, is in alignment with poppy’s vibrational pattern of allowing us to consciously merge with the Infinite. And if you ever come upon an occasion when an invisibility charm (or at least an inconspicuousness charm) might come in handy, including poppy seeds or poppy blossoms would be an excellent idea.


Run an iron pyrite and a moonstone under fresh running water for at least two minutes. Then place them somewhere safe and quiet on a white cloth in the light of the full moon for at least three hours. Next, place them on a small piece of black silk (ideally reclaimed or thrift-store purchased, then washed). Place one tablespoon poppy seeds and one fresh poppy blossom (any variety) on the silk as well. Hold your hands over the crystals and poppy ingredients and say:

No one notice

No one see

I am invisible

I am free.

Tie up the bundle with hemp twine by tying three knots, wrapping it around, tying three knots again, and then once more (nine knots altogether). Keep it with you when inconspicuousness is of the essence. Also, as your intuition dictates, be alert and take action or lie low—and wear quiet shoes!

Overcoming Addiction

It may be argued that addictions of all kinds stem from some form of fundamental disconnection between the addicted person and the Infinite. While heroin and other opiates (derivatives from the opium poppy) are some of the most addictive substances in existence, working with the vibrational wisdom of the poppy (whether we’re addicted to recreational drugs, caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, or any other substance) can help us remember and regain our conscious connection to the Infinite in a gentle, safe, and lasting way. For this purpose, take the flower essence daily as needed to help initiate, prepare for, and support your other substance-kicking activities.

Making Peace with Death

Traditionally and in The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, poppies symbolize eternal sleep. While “eternal sleep” might be interpreted as another way to say “death” (and poppies do indeed often appear as symbols as death), you’ll notice that it describes death in a serene and restful way rather than in a way that inspires fear. And this makes perfect sense, because the energetic wisdom of poppies soothes the mind, helps us release our fears, and reminds us that we are, in truth, already one with the Infinite. In other words, it reminds us that death is nothing to fear and may even be deeply blissful and serene.

If you suffer from a debilitating or even just unsettling fear of death, if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with a life-threatening condition, or if you’re supporting someone as they transition out of this life, you might want to work with the essence or surround yourself or the loved one with any variety of fresh poppies (planted in the yard or in bouquet form).


Have you ever been running around, stressing out about all manner of things, and then, suddenly, something major happens—like, say, a loved one suddenly dies or becomes gravely ill—and it makes you realize how unimportant those things you were stressing out about actually were? If you have, do you remember how even though the occurrence was sad, the readjustment in your state of mind was a huge relief? And if you haven’t, can you imagine how that would be true?

The wonderful thing about the spiritual wisdom of poppy is that it can help you gain that perspective without having to experience the crisis or upheaval. Once this happens, you’ll find that your stress dissipates and your priorities feel more harmonious. To experience this, take the essence or spend time with a blossom.

Relaxation and Sleep

Like opiates, the energy of poppies can help us relax our bodies and minds, and sleep deeply and comfortably. Unlike opiates, working with the magical properties of poppies can bring out and help emphasize our own intrinsic predilection for deep relaxation rather than externally force it upon our internal systems.

If sleep or relaxation has been a challenge for you or a loved one, first be sure to cover or remove any large mirrors in the bedroom at night (which can be energizing and unsettling), and create as serene an environment as possible in the bedroom. Then you might like to try taking a few drops of poppy essence under the tongue before bed for sleep and in the morning and afternoon for relaxation and stress relief. You also might create the following sleep charm.


Simply pick a poppy and dry it. During the waning moon, place the dried poppy in a square of purple, white, or off-white flannel, along with one-half teaspoon dried chamomile, one-half teaspoon dried valerian root, one-half teaspoon poppy seeds, and a small amethyst crystal cluster. Tie it closed with hemp twine. Hold it in both hands and say:

Spirits of the nighttime deep

All night long please help me sleep

Replenish well as dreams unfurl

And float about your starry world.

Then place the charm under your pillow, hang it above your head, or set it on your nightstand.

Surrender and Release

If you’re experiencing pain around the loss of something (which includes large changes of any sort), if you’re facing the potential or pending loss of something, or if you’re ready to let go of items or conditions that are no longer serving you, poppy can help you to let go of the past, embrace the present, and make room for the beautiful future. For this purpose, take the essence or work poppies or poppy essence into rituals designed to help you let go.

Magical Correspondences


Element: Air

Gender: Female

Planet: Neptune