Sage Blossom - The Flowers

The Magic of Flowers: A Guide to Their Metaphysical Uses & Properties - Tess Whitehurst 2013

Sage Blossom
The Flowers

The cleansing and vibration-raising properties of sage’s leaves have been known and loved by shamans and magical practitioners for centuries. Similarly, sage’s blossoms are experts at clearing the way for clarity, serenity, and general positivity.

Magical Uses


If you’re feeling overwhelmed with thoughts or worries, simply spending a few moments with a sage blossom can help you press your inner reset button and find the clarity you seek. You might also try taking the essence or incorporating the blossom into your magical workings.

For example, the following potion can help calm what my mom called “busy brain” (the condition characterized by thoughts whirling around your mind and preventing you from sleeping). Additionally, it can help streamline our mental process while we sleep so that we can awake refreshed and clear.


Brew a cup of chamomile tea (or a chamomile blend). Sweeten with organic, responsibly harvested sage blossom honey. Add soy milk if desired. Before drinking, get into your pajamas and get ready for bed. Then hold it in both hands and say:

Divine Holy Mystery, please infuse this potion with vibrations of clarity and serenity.

Then relax and drink. When you’re finished, say:

I now release all thoughts and worries to the Divine and my unconscious mind for healing, resolution, and transmutation. I know that it is safe to trust completely and release completely, and I happily do so now. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Blessed be. And so it is.

Connecting with Inner Silence and Space Consciousness

In Stillness Speaks, spiritual teacher and author Eckhart Tolle writes, “A great silent space holds all of nature in its embrace. It also holds you.”

If we just take a moment to tune in, sage blossom can guide us into an awareness of that great silent space very quickly. And from that space we can receive all the wisdom, guidance, perspective, and clarity that we could possibly desire.

In addition to sitting in quiet contemplation with a blossom for this purpose (which I highly recommend), you might take the essence, plant sage around the outside of your home, or soak in a warm bath into which you’ve dissolved a cup of sea salt and placed a few fresh blossoms or drops of the flower essence.

Deep Cleansing

You may or may not already know that there is an invisible aspect of your personal energy field that some call your akashic records. You might think of these records as something like the computer program that is your life, or your spiritual DNA. In other words, they hold information from this incarnation, past lives, and other dimensions of your being, and this information has an effect on your present life experience. As healers and magicians, we can consciously access these records to release ourselves from and rewrite negative or challenging programs (such as limiting beliefs, unhealed hurts, paralyzing fears, etc.), and this can positively affect the conditions we are currently experiencing.

One way to access these records would be to simply sit in quiet communion with a sage blossom and respectfully ask for help in this area. Then relax deeply and allow his essence and spiritual wisdom to go through your akashic field and perform a deep cleanse. Like a powerful energetic virus scan, this will streamline and purify your personal programming, making everything in your life easier, more successful, and more fun.

Emotional Detoxification

You know those times when you feel emotionally toxic, perhaps from a newly ended or currently problematic relationship, or because you recently traversed a particularly challenging or frightening time, place, or situation? Maybe it’s not so much that you’re wounded or broken-hearted but rather that you’re emotionally out of whack in other ways, such as feeling drained, spooked, unbalanced, shell-shocked, or generally not right? Sage blossom can help with this, too, not just by removing the negative energy and programming but also by helping to ground us and to reestablish new, healthier, and more positive patterns and conditions. Along the same lines, sage blossom essence can help balance and detoxify the emotional landscape during emotionally challenging moments related to the feminine moon cycle (PMS, menstruation, or menopause).

Similarly, red or scarlet sage blossoms can help us heal the patterns associated with emotional wounds and broken hearts.

Emotional Disentanglement and Energetic Cord-Cutting

Sometimes we encounter a person who seems to leave us drained emotionally, spiritually, or physically. We might be very close to this person, we might interact with them in a limited capacity, or we might have encountered him or her for only the briefest of moments. Regardless, what is happening in the energetic realm might be described as being connected to this person with an invisible cord that is siphoning off our energy (this is sometimes called being “corded”). On some level (though most likely not consciously) this person intended to attach to our energy field, and on some level (again most likely not consciously) we allowed this to happen. This is a subtle demonstration of the old belief that “a vampire can only go where he’s invited.”

The good news is that by putting our foot down, disentangling from any situations that may keep us tied to this person, and defining our boundaries, we can also uninvite him or her. You can generally tell when unhealthy cords are cut because you experience an immediate rush of clarity, energy, and inspiration.

Sage blossom can provide excellent magical assistance with both the discovery of these unhealthy cords, the process of removing them, and protection from being re-corded in the future.

For these purposes, I suggest tuning in to a fresh, live sage blossom and requesting assistance, then closing your eyes, relaxing, releasing the situation to the Divine, and allowing the wisdom of the sage to do its thing. Additionally (or instead if you don’t have access to a blossoming sage), I suggest taking the essence regularly until you feel the cord is sufficiently cut and new habits and patterns are sufficiently established.


You might think of sage blossom’s energy as a spiritual compass pointing us toward health, wisdom, and clarity and pointing us away from negativity, unhealthy patterns, and people or entities with intentions that are not in alignment with our truest good. Because of this dynamic, sage blossom can help us exorcise earthbound entities (ghosts) and other undesirable energetic patterns from our home and personal energy field.

For these purposes, try any of the following ideas:

✵ Dissolve one cup of sea salt in bath water and add nine fresh sage blossoms, then soak for at least forty minutes. After you get out of the bath, visualize a sphere of very bright white light completely encompassing your body and energetic field.

✵ Mist your home with rose water into which you’ve added nine drops sage blossom essence and nine drops sage essential oil.

✵ Mist yourself or a loved one with the potion described above.

✵ Incorporate sage blossoms into spells or rituals designed for the purpose.


Because sage blossom emanates serenity and stillness, he helps us establish the meditation habit and find meditative awareness in everything we do. For these purposes, try spending time in quiet contemplation with a blossoming sage or taking the essence.

Reclaiming Personal Space and Boundaries

Sometimes we need to reclaim our personal space and boundaries—for example, after a breakup, after a roommate moves out, after leaving a job, or even after hosting a visitor or visitors from out of town. Sage blossom—particularly the flower essence—can help with this. You might try misting your space and aura with rose water into which you’ve added nine drops sage blossom essence (and, optionally, nine drops sage essential oil).

Removing Blocks

As you might expect, sage blossom’s clearing dynamic can also help us remove energetic blocks that we may be experiencing in any life areas. For support with dissolving and moving through any seemingly stubborn challenges, try one of the prevoius suggestions or incorporate sage blossom into a ritual or charm designed for the purpose.


In the Victorian language of flowers, one of sage blossom’s meanings was “deep or profound respect.” And, magically speaking, this is very appropriate, as sage blossom can help us discover and foster respect for ourselves. In concert with sage blossom’s other magical uses, this can be especially helpful for reestablishing positive patterns after moving on from a particularly unhealthy relationship or situation. To experience these benefits, try any of the previous suggestions or the following ritual.


Every morning upon awakening or every night before going to bed (whichever feels right), somewhere quiet where you won’t be disturbed (perhaps in your meditation area or near your altar), sit comfortably, with your spine straight, and take some deep breaths. Place three drops sage blossom essence in a glass of water. Hold the water in both hands and say:

Divine Sage, Wise One, Great Holy Mystery,

Please infuse this water with vibrations of personal power, self-respect, and self-love.

Drink, then place both hands on your heart. Close your eyes. Relax your belly and breathe into your heart. When you feel ready, say:

I respect myself. I love myself. I honor myself. I treasure myself.

I have good boundaries. I trust my hunches. My every action is in alignment with the Divine and my truest self. All is well in my world.

Finish by visualizing a sphere of very bright golden-white light surrounding your entire body and aura.

Magical Correspondences


Element: Air

Gender: Male

Planet: Jupiter