Snapdragon - The Flowers

The Magic of Flowers: A Guide to Their Metaphysical Uses & Properties - Tess Whitehurst 2013

The Flowers

Not surprisingly, this sassy little specimen possesses a vibration both snappy and dragonlike: snapdragon is protective, fiery, and generally brimming with life-force energy.

Magical Uses

Hex Reversal

Author and witchcraft pioneer Scott Cunningham suggests placing fresh snapdragons on one’s altar along with a small mirror in order to direct a curse or a hex back to its sender, and I must say that I love this idea. Snapdragon’s bright, positive, don’t-mess-with-me-or-else energy—especially when coupled with the ultimate symbol of deflection, a mirror—likely will not fail to send negative energy back to its source, provided you clearly set the intention, drum up a good amount of positivity and confidence, and visualize perfect success. Similarly, if you hang a mirror outside your front door to protect your home feng-shui style or employ protective mirrors for any other reason, you might anoint the top and sides of the mirror with the fiery protection oil on the next page. To neutralize and transmute any negativity that you fear may have been directed at you by another, you might take six drops snapdragon essence in a small amount of water twice per day.

Owning Your Power

You are powerful. Not only that, but you have opinions and preferences that matter. If, however, you have picked up somewhere along the way that when you express your power (even by simply sharing your opinions or preferences) you are being a “bitch” or a “jerk”—or that when you say what you think, you are stepping on other people’s toes or that no one will like you—incorporating snapdragon into your magic can help. Will you win every popularity contest? Maybe not, but it’s more important that you let you be you—and that you speak your truth with love, honor your own opinions, and own your own power.


Snapdragon’s fiery energy protects against negativity from both seen and unseen worlds. For example, snapdragon is an excellent ingredient in charms created to protect one from ill wishes, ghosts, hexes, curses, stagnant energy, or emotions with challenging vibrations (such as jealousy or spite). For example, for this purpose, you might wear a fresh blossom somewhere on your person or tied into a cloth and safety-pinned to the inside of your clothes, take four drops of the essence under the tongue as needed, or create the following oil.


On a Sunday during the waxing moon and in full sunlight, place a small citrine quartz crystal and a whole clove of garlic in a medium glass bottle or small glass jar. Add nine drops snapdragon essence and eight drops geranium essential oil. Fill the bottle with sunflower oil, close the lid, and gently shake. Set the bottle in the sunlight, then direct your palms toward it (making sure no shadows fall on it as you do so) while you say:

Protected and safe.

A golden circle of fire surrounds.

Within and around, all is well.

Like shadows in sunlight, no negativity may remain.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Blessed be! And so it is.

To use, anoint your third eye (brow) and sternum (heart) before traversing challenging situations, lightly anoint the outside of every window and door bordering the outside of your home, anoint candles in protective rituals, or anoint vehicles or other objects as desired.


Snapdragon is associated with speaking one’s truth as well as discerning the truth in any situation. For example, if it’s your magical intention to see through any potential untruths in order to get to the heart of any given matter, you might keep a fresh snapdragon blossom somewhere on your person. By the same token, snapdragons are an excellent addition to the landscape of a courthouse or your home if you want to promote honesty and openness within it. For specific situations, you might visit a blossoming snapdragon and have a heart to heart about what you are dealing with, being sure to humbly request the flower’s guidance in the matter, and finish by leaving a gift of a shiny coin or a bit of beer or ale.

Magical Correspondences


Element: Fire

Gender: Balance of male and female

Planet: Mars