Sweet Pea - The Flowers

The Magic of Flowers: A Guide to Their Metaphysical Uses & Properties - Tess Whitehurst 2013

Sweet Pea
The Flowers

With their delicately delicious scent, petulantly adorable blossoms, and luxuriously scrawling tendrils, sweet peas inspire instant devotion. Natives to the Mediterranean, they were beloved by the Victorians and are treasured additions to gardens (and roadsides!) to this day.

While they are members of the pea family, they are not edible and are, in fact, quite poisonous. Their scent, however, is safe to inhale, and sweet pea flower essence (since it is a vibration and not the flower itself) is safe to ingest when made correctly or purchased from a reputable company.

Magical Uses

Comfort with Luxury

Wealthy people and people who attract wealth are comfortable with luxury. They’re in their element when they’re indulging in the treats that strike their fancy. It feels natural to them. Whether or not their bank accounts are currently reflecting their inner state, they think things like, “Of course I’m hanging out in this cushy day spa! Of course I’m eating at this expensive restaurant! Of course I’m receiving those perfect sparkly sandals as a birthday gift!” They feel luxurious and they expect luxury, and so there is no way that luxury will not naturally envelop them to greater and greater degrees.

If we were raised with luxury, this is not so tricky. If we were not, or if we were raised with fears or limiting beliefs about the subject, we might need a little help cultivating this mindset so that we can attract wealth and luxury as a matter of course. And this is where sweet pea comes in. Like an elegant woman delicately sipping her beverage at a cocktail party or a picturesque winery, sweet pea luxuriates in the moment, enjoying blessings even as she attracts more of them. And she can teach us how to do this too.

To learn this wisdom from sweet pea, you might:

✵ Plant her in your garden and develop a relationship with her. Relax into her energy and let it permeate your consciousness and aura.

✵ Bring small bouquets into your home.

✵ Take two to three drops of the flower essence in a stemmed glass with water, wine, sparkling juice, or champagne daily.


If you want to magically enhance your irresistibility and you’re looking for an ingredient that will cast your charm in a decidedly coy and feminine light, sweet pea just might be your girl. For this purpose, you might:

✵ Be in close proximity to sweet pea on a regular basis by planting her in your yard or bringing bouquets into the house.

✵ Set the intention to absorb and radiate irresistible charm as you gently inhale her fragrance.

✵ Put two drops sweet pea essence in your perfume or body spray.

✵ Bathe in water into which you’ve added nine drops sweet pea essence.

Feminine Friendships

Cattiness and girly one-upmanship have got to go. They hide our beauty and diminish our power. In other words, no two females can possibly be cute or sexy in the exact same way, and the more we can love and admire each other’s beauty, the more beautiful and powerful we will be individually and as a group.

A big part of what sweet pea has to teach us is how to embody our sexiness and feminine power to the nth degree while also appreciating the sexiness and feminine power of others fearlessly, generously, and without reservation.

Needless to say, this can help facilitate positive feminine friendships and peace among the feminine ranks. So, for any situation during which an elimination of cattiness might be helpful (say, for example, a belly-dance competition, a junior high-school sleepover, or a multi-performer drag show), sweet pea would be an excellent magical ally. Try:

✵ misting the space with rose water into which you’ve added nine drops sweet pea essence

✵ placing bouquets of sweet peas around the space

✵ wrapping a sweet pea blossom in cotton fabric and pinning it to the inside of your clothes (to protect yourself from cattiness)

Femininity and Feminine Power

Feminine power comes in lots of flavors: virgin queen, warrior goddess, and wise old crone, to name a few. Sweet pea’s feminine power flavor is none of these. The feminine power associated with sweet pea is high-heeled, perfumed, lipsticked, and demure yet sassy—the perfect balance of understated and over-the-top, sexy, girly, love goddess flavor.

Not all of us girls are attracted to this flavor, but some of us are. And some of us would be attracted to it, but we’ve somehow forgotten about it or been shamed out of it or convinced ourselves that it wasn’t really valid or valuable. For those women, realigning with the girliest of the girly can be a surprisingly empowering endeavor. But whatever the reason you’d like to realign with this particular brand of goddess energy, here are some ideas:

✵ Add forty drops sweet pea essence to your bath water, along with red and pink rose petals, and light a pink or white candle. Soak.

✵ Spend time in quiet contemplation with sweet pea blossoms.

✵ Set your intention, then inhale the scent of a fresh blossom.

✵ Create a love goddess altar and add a bouquet of sweet peas.

Magical Correspondences


Element: Water

Gender: Female

Planet: Venus