Tuberose - The Flowers

The Magic of Flowers: A Guide to Their Metaphysical Uses & Properties - Tess Whitehurst 2013

The Flowers

Equally lovely to gaze at and smell, tuberose’s earthy, sweet, exotic fragrance is a treasured ingredient in perfumery, and she’s revered in Asia and Mexico.

Magical Uses


Tuberose is aligned with the moon, which astrologically governs both intuition and the psychic realm. Both her scent and her vibration help open and align the crown and brow chakras, where we receive divine guidance and psychic information. What’s more, the scent of tuberose immediately takes us out of our heads and into our bodies: this deepens our intuitive abilities and allows us to integrate them into our everyday consciousness and express them in a useful way. Needless to say, tuberose can be an excellent ally when it’s your magical intention to deepen, enhance, or hone your psychic abilities.

To receive these benefits, you might try placing a bouquet of tuberose or a single fresh tuberose flower on the table or desk where you are sitting while you perform intuitive counseling sessions of any sort (tarot, I Ching, psychic readings, etc.). Inhale her scent before your reading, as you relax your mind and come into a centered place. Repeat throughout the reading as desired. To generally increase your alignment with your intuition over time, anoint yourself with a natural perfume containing tuberose daily or take the essence.


The Aztec word for tuberose is omixochitl, which translates to “bone flower.” Some say this is because of her white, perhaps bonelike appearance, but I tend to believe that it’s because of her traditional association with funerals. In fact, abundant vases and bouquets of tuberose sometimes surrounded the deceased at Aztec funeral rites in order to help open the threshold between the worlds and smooth the spirit’s transition into the afterlife. In this regard, tuberose joins the ranks of sweet-smelling magical ingredients used in similar ways, such as sweetgrass, carnations, lilacs, and copal, not to mention the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and Halloween associations between sugar and death—all of which suggest an inherent magical connection between sweetness and the afterlife. Tuberose, however, takes this a step further, as her scent becomes headier as the night deepens: a reflection, perhaps, of how we may find more sweetness the further we delve into the depths of the realm beyond.


Tuberose is very much aligned with love, and her scent and appearance are soothing to the spirit. Naturally, her presence, scent, and vibration can help increase one’s inner peace or the peace within a couple, family, or group.

Protection and Purification

Since she is aligned with sweet spirits and the sweetness of the great beyond, tuberose helps establish the type of energy that negativity and negative entities don’t like to hang around. For this purpose, try bringing her into your space, diffusing or wearing the scent, burning tuberose incense, or misting your space with rose water into which you’ve added some tuberose absolute and a few drops of tuberose essence.


Tuberose’s scent is deeply sensual and can be employed as a potent aphrodisiac, especially at night, when her scent famously becomes more potent. (In India, she is called rajani gandha, which translates to “night fragrance-giver.”) To get into the sensual mood (or help get someone else into it), simply anoint yourself with a perfume blend containing tuberose, bring fresh tuberose blossoms into your space, or inhale the scent in any form.


Tuberose’s luxurious nature can also lend itself nicely to wealth-drawing rituals. You might incorporate the fresh blossoms into rituals designed for the purpose or simply place them on your altar while setting the intention to draw more wealth into your life.

Magical Correspondences


Elements: Water, Earth

Gender: Female

Planets: Venus, Moon