Vervain (Verbena) - The Flowers

The Magic of Flowers: A Guide to Their Metaphysical Uses & Properties - Tess Whitehurst 2013

Vervain (Verbena)
The Flowers

Like cool springtime dew shimmering in a just-before-sunrise glow, delicate vervain blossoms possess a gentle, faerylike energy and a palpable magical gleam. In many cultures, religions, and ancient medicine systems (both Eastern and Western), many (not all!) species of vervain were—and are—recognized as good magic and powerful medicine.

While vervain generally includes members of the Verbena species, this entry does not include members of the genus Lantana, which have a notably different vibration. (For the magical properties of this genus, see the entry entitled “Lantana.”)

Also, note that not all flowers in the verbena family are safely edible or medicinal, and some are even toxic, so please be very careful.

Magical Uses

Connection with the Faery Realm

The faery realm invites you in with the scent of fresh blossoms, the sound of wind in the trees, and the flittering butterflies. And it’s beckoning you toward a whole layer of reality where time is fluid and you can easily perceive that all is one. Here it’s easier to sense the aliveness of everything, and the little beings we call the fey share their wisdom, help, and magical companionship.

If you’re ready to enter this realm, you might spend some time with live, growing, blossoming vervain. Simply relax and gaze at it. Begin with the clear intention to visit the faery kingdom, but then let everything go (except your gaze) and let your mind relax or wander or do whatever it wants to do. You’ll soon notice that your senses and intuition are heightened and that everything takes on an otherworldly glow. This is the doorway to the realm of faery!

To enter even more fully, relax on your back near the blossom, close your eyes, and let your inner awareness enter deeply into the faery realm. Let yourself see what you see. Notice who you meet and what you say or do. You might receive gifts or guidance or healing. Just be sure not to eat or drink anything during your stay, and to go back the way you came before you open your eyes and return to the everyday realm. (But even though you’ll be back, the doorway will still be open to you, and it will be easier for you to naturally sense the proximity of the two realms.)

One more thing: after your visit to the faery realm, place a gift for the faeries in the physical realm, near the flower. This might be something shiny or colorful like a small crystal or coin, something sweet and tasty like a few grapes or raisins, or a celebratory beverage (like champagne, beer, or sparkling cider) in a walnut shell.

Eternal Love

In truth, all love is eternal. Love is more than just an emotion; it is divine energy and, as such, is beyond time. All of vervain’s considerable magical power derives from its energetic alignment with the eternal nature of love. As such, vervain blossoms can be very useful in magic related to healing or supporting romantic relationships and relationships of all kinds.

Good Luck

It’s said that in the Middle Ages vervain was carried to attract good luck. This is not surprising, as vervain blossoms can be magically employed to align us with our most ideal life flow, which of course attracts our most ideal life conditions. They also lend themselves to luckiness by helping us curry the favor of the faeries.


When celebrating a new project or endeavor, float one fresh vervain blossom (please be 100 percent positive that it’s a nontoxic, safely consumable variety) in a glass of champagne or sparkling cider. Make a cocktail for everyone at the celebration, and make a simple and positive toast, such as: “This project is blessed with luck and is perfectly unfolding in all ways!” (You don’t have to swallow the blossom—its energy will be in the beverage.) Alternatively, you might float a few edible vervain blossoms in the punch bowl or substitute the blossoms with a few drops of vervain flower essence.

Healthy Balance of Work and Play

Being passionate about your work is one thing; working so obsessively that every other aspect of your life suffers is another thing entirely. And what the workaholic usually doesn’t realize is that their work actually suffers as well! When we’re in balance and in touch with our playful side, we’re ten times more creative and effective at work.

If workaholism is an issue for you, vervain flower essence—one of the thirty-eight Bach essences—can help. Simply put four drops in a large water bottle and drink it throughout the day. Repeat every day until balance prevails.

If your partner is a workaholic and won’t admit it, you might sneak a few drops of vervain essence in the pasta during dinner or coffeepot in the morning every day until balance is established. While it might seem like you’re breaching magical ethics by interfering with your partner’s free will, the essence will access and only work with the part of your partner that genuinely craves balance, so their free will will not be violated at all. Of course, having a talk with them about it might be a good idea too.

Heart Healing

Because of its steadfast and nurturing qualities, and its alignment with the energy of eternal love, vervain is also really helpful for healing a broken heart. For this purpose, you might spend time with the flower, take the essence, or safety-pin a sachet of dried vervain (just blossoms or aerial parts) to the inside of your clothes, near your heart.


Put all of vervain’s unique spiritual wisdom and many magical qualities together, and what do you get? Joy! If your soul feels mired in the mundane and is crying out to experience more joy, vervain might be just the magical ingredient for you. Try taking vervain essence under the tongue, spending time with blossoming vervain, making an infusion of dried vervain, or all of the above. You might also try whipping up a batch of the illustrious…


Into a mister of spring water, add six drops peppermint essential oil, ten drops lavender essential oil, and five drops vervain essence. Shake well, and mist your entire body and aura at least once per day until joy returns. You can also mist your home or workspace to lift the vibration and establish a joyful ambiance. This potion is also excellent for helping heal a broken heart and supporting physical healing.

Lightening Up

If you’re tired of reading classic Russian novels, frowning incessantly, and blogging about the dire state of the world—or even if you simply feel that a slightly brighter perspective and lighter heart might do you some good—vervain can help. To put a skip in your step and help you finally unburden yourself of that pendulous knapsack holding all the world’s troubles, work with the essence or try drinking the following potion. (Rest assured this will not hamper your ability to create positive change—quite the opposite, in fact!)


On the night before a full moon, place two teaspoons dried blue vervain (available at some health food stores) and two teaspoons dried peppermint in a large jar. Pour spring water over the herbs until the jar is full. Cover and refrigerate. The next night (on the full moon), strain the herbs out of the water and add ten drops vervain essence. Pour into a wine glass (or more glasses if you’re sharing—make extra if you’re having a party) and drink as is or add ice and a shot of vodka or brandy. If you really want to get fancy, you might also add a fresh vervain blossom or two to each glass. Before you drink, hold the glass up to the heavens and chant:

The world will end but not today

We need more joy, not more dismay!

I now refuse to be dragged down

And choose to laugh more than I frown.

Our natural state is to be free

And the healing of all begins with me.

Take a moment to continue to hold your glass up toast-style to the Universe and/or your friend(s). Then merrily drink!


It’s said that Druidic initiates wore crowns of vervain. Indeed, all its qualities lend themselves to supporting those of us on the magical path.

Physical Healing

By aligning us with the energies of joy, divine magic, inner balance, and eternal love, vervain’s vibration can help us restore our natural state of physical health. Whether you’re supporting your own healing or someone else’s, you might place fresh vervain blossoms near the bed or add a couple drops of vervain essence to water or tea daily as needed. Or you might make the following charm.


Pick nine fresh vervain blossoms and place them in a small muslin bag, along with a white quartz point that has been cleansed/empowered with bright sunlight for at least five minutes. Tie closed with a green ribbon or cord.

Hold in both hands and envision very bright green light coming down from above, entering the crown of your head, going down to your heart, down your arms, and out through the palms of your hands and into the bag. Visualize/imagine/feel it swirling and pulsating with this light. Say:

Archangel Raphael and spirit of vervain, I call on you!

Thank you for swirling your healing energy around (name).

Thank you for speeding her (his/my) healing and supporting her (his/my) vibrant health.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Blessed be! And so it is.

Hang the charm near the head of the healing person’s bed.

Magical Correspondences


Element: Water

Gender: Female

Planet: Moon