How to Make a Flower Essence - Appendix

The Magic of Flowers: A Guide to Their Metaphysical Uses & Properties - Tess Whitehurst 2013

How to Make a Flower Essence

While there are a number of variations on the theme, below you’ll find a simplified two-part method for creating your own flower essence. While you might choose to add other aspects to your flower essence creation process (such as prayer, chanting, placing the bowl on the ground instead of on a table, or surrounding the dish with white quartz crystals points), for safety reasons, please be sure to hit all the main points in the following directions.

Part 1: The Mother Essence

1. Obtain the following tools: a medium or average-sized plain glass bowl, a large or average-sized glass jar with lid, and a small (1 ounce) glass bottle with a dropper lid. Sterilize each object by placing in cold water, gradually bringing it to a boil, and boiling for at least twenty minutes. Then dry each tool with a clean cloth.

2. Fill the glass jar with spring water. Also gather a bottle of brandy, a small stool or table, a large organic nontoxic leaf or bed of leaves such as lettuce or chard placed on a plate, and some garden shears.

3. In the morning or midday, on a sunny day without a cloud in the sky, take all ingredients to a serene natural or botanical setting where the flower of your choice is growing. Place the bowl on the stool or table in a place where no shadows will fall on the bowl for three to four hours. Fill the bowl with the water, being careful not to allow any part of your shadow to cross over it.

4. Shears and plate (with leaf or leaves) in hand, locate the flower you would like to make an essence from. Sit or stand comfortably near the plant as you relax and take some deep breaths. Come fully into the moment.

5. When you feel centered, silently tune in to the flower and request that she assist you with your essence creation. Honor her, respect her, and simply be with her for a moment.

6. As you feel intuitively guided, snip between three and six blossoms, allowing them to fall onto the leaf.

7. Lovingly take the flowers to the bowl of water and, without touching them, spill them in so that they float on the surface. Place the leaf or leaves near the base of a tree.

8. Allow the flowers to merge with the energy of the water by leaving them undisturbed for three to four hours.

9. Fill the dropper bottle with brandy. With the dropper cap, add two drops of the water from the flower bowl. Snugly replace the cap.

10. Pour the remaining water from the bowl, along with the blossoms, near the base of the flowers.

You now have what is known as “the mother essence.” This is not the essence and should not be consumed or magically employed. Rather, it is the concentrated stock for creating the flower essence, which brings us to part 2.

Part 2: The Flower Essence

This portion of the process may be repeated with the same mother essence until the mother essence bottle is empty, provided you use the mother essence within two years after it is created (after that, the mother essence may begin to lose its potency). You may do this anywhere that feels right: in your kitchen, near your altar, or out in nature.

1. Sterilize an additional small bottle and dropper (as above).

2. Fill the bottle halfway with brandy and the rest of the way with spring water.

3. Add two drops of the mother essence.

4. Replace the cap.