Baby Blue Eyes - The Flowers

The Magic of Flowers: A Guide to Their Metaphysical Uses & Properties - Tess Whitehurst 2013

Baby Blue Eyes
The Flowers

This gentle sky-blue flower’s official botanical name is Nemophilia. Nemo means “glade” and philia means “love”—and judging from her often self-chosen locations along her native West Coast (particularly meadows and open spaces), baby blue eyes does appear to love a good glade.

I’ve found that baby blue eyes is one of the foremost floral experts on healing the inner child, soothing our inner dialogue, and restoring our natural ability to enter into healthy, lasting, trust-filled romantic relationships.

Magical Uses

Freedom from Past Hurts

Baby blue eyes powerfully embodies and radiates the energy of innocence. She can help us to rise above old hurts and any accompanying challenging patterns and to return to our original whole, wonder-filled emotional state. This frees us up to experience what is now rather than projecting what was onto the present through fear or negative expectations.

For this reason, she can be an excellent ally when you’re ready to put the painful past behind you and step into a joyful, liberated present. For this purpose, try quiet contemplation, ritual work, and employing the flower essence.

Gentleness with Oneself

In You Can Heal Your Life, author Louise Hay writes: “Each one of us has a three-year-old child within us, and we often spend most of our lives yelling at the kid in ourselves. Then we wonder why our lives don’t work.”

When we are ready to stop berating and speaking harshly to ourselves and our inner children so that we can begin to live happily, experience success as a matter of course, and naturally express the fullness of our potential, baby blue eyes can help. For this purpose, I suggest adding the flower essence to your drinking water until gentler, more positive inner dialogue begins to take hold. Quiet contemplation with the blossom would also be helpful, as would the following charm.


On the new moon or the day before the new moon, light a white or off-white soy candle near a mirror into which you can comfortably gaze. Add one fresh baby blue eyes blossom (gathered gently and lovingly) and an angelite crystal (that has been cleansed in running water and sage smoke) to a small blue flannel bag. Tie closed with a small length of blue ribbon or hemp twine. Hold it against your heart with both hands, sit comfortably in front of the mirror, and lovingly look into your eyes. Say something like:

(Your name), I love you very much. I apologize for treating you harshly in the past,

and I now vow to do my very best to begin to treat you with the compassion and honor you deserve. Since this is a new habit, it might take a little bit of time, so

whenever I notice I have strayed, with forgiveness I will bring myself back

to a kind inner dialogue. With caring perseverance, in time, I know

I will turn the tide and create a new habit of tender, loving self-regard.

Until new habits are established, wear the charm close to your heart day and night (employing a safety pin if necessary), and touch it whenever you need a little extra support.

Healing the Inner Child

As baby blue eyes helps us to heal our inner child, this frees us up to enjoy playfulness, wonder, whimsy, and inspired creativity. For this purpose, you might try any of the above suggestions (including the self-gentleness charm) or the following mist potion.


Add four drops baby blue eyes essence and four drops neroli essential oil to a mister of rose water and shake to blend. Mist your entire aura upon awakening and before going to sleep for up to one month. You can also mist your personal space or workspace to enhance inner child healing and creativity.

Letting Go

Sometimes we stifle our own emotional healing process through a habit of holding on to “old stuff.” For example, perhaps we underwent a particular challenge in our childhood and we’ve always held on to an idea that our life would have been perfect or our potential would have been expressed if only it weren’t for that one thing. Or sometimes, without realizing it, we might hold on to an old hurt because it represents a certain label that our ego has latched on to, such as “incest victim” or “adult child of an alcoholic.” In other words, on some level, we think, “But that’s who I am. If I weren’t that, who would I be?” (To clarify, I’m not saying those things didn’t happen, I’m just saying they’re not who you are. They’re just things that happened, and they don’t need to continue to have power over your present or future.)

Sometimes these dynamics can even spill over into the physical realm, as in the case of someone with chronic pain or fatigue as a result of so many old, unreleased emotional hurts or in the case of someone who unwittingly holds a medical diagnosis in place because on some level she defines herself by it.

Baby blue eyes can help us loosen the grip on any or all of these conditions so that we can surrender them to the Universe (God/dess) for healing and transmutation, and so that we can move on and be free.

For help with letting go of a long-standing hurt, issue, label, or condition, starting the day after the full moon, begin adding baby blue eyes essence to your drinking water. Continue through one complete moon cycle. Additionally, you might perform the following ritual.


During the waning moon, light a blue candle and draw a bath. Add one cup sea salt, one-fourth cup baking soda, one-fourth cup Epsom salts, forty drops baby blue eyes essence, and six drops ylang ylang or lavender essential oil (whichever smells better to you or feels right for the purpose). Hold your hands over the water and say: “Great Goddess, please infuse this water with vibrations of healing, purification, and release.” Visualize very bright white light coming down from above, entering the crown of your head and going through your heart, arms, and hands and into the water. Soak for at least forty minutes, being sure to drink lots of water as you do.

Natural Beauty and Wildness

When we connect with our wildness and the natural beauty of the physical world, our true beauty can shine forth from within. And when we treat ourselves with gentleness and love and let go of what is no longer serving us, we begin to recognize our own unique beauty, which also allows it to radiate out into the world for others to see and enjoy.

To amplify and revel in your own natural beauty, try adding baby blue eyes essence to your drinking water. Before drinking, hold the glass or bottle in both hands and say a simple blessing, such as “Great Goddess, please infuse this water with vibrations of wildness, natural beauty, and love.”

Relationship Healing

If you think about all the aspects of baby blue eyes’ wisdom presented in this section, you’ll realize that they all add up to releasing baggage and, in the process (if you so desire), clearing the way for a healthy, beautiful romantic relationship. Not only that, but because she helps us clear out old stuff from our past, she can also help us heal challenging relationships with other important people in our life, such as parents, siblings, and friends.

To soothe and unravel old hurts and clear the way for more ideal relationships of all kinds, try any of the above suggestions that resonate with you or incorporate baby blue eyes into rituals designed for that purpose.


First and foremost, real trust starts with trust in the Divine: trust in the underlying order and perfection of All That Is. Once we have that level of trust, trusting individual people and situations becomes much easier and more natural. And when we find ourselves involved in something that truly isn’t right for us, we trust our own intuition enough to extricate ourselves from it. So, in general, we don’t have to have that free-floating feeling of fear and mistrust of other people, ourselves, or the way things are.

By helping us heal and release old hurts, love what is, and revel in our own wildness and natural beauty, baby blue eyes helps us to establish this kind of sure-footedness and all-encompassing trust. To employ her help with this, I suggest employing the essence or spending time with a blossom.

Magical Correspondences


Elements: Water, Air

Gender: Female

Planet: Venus