House Blessing - Spells and Rituals

The House Witch: Your Complete Guide to Creating a Magical Space with Rituals and Spells for Hearth and Home - Arin Murphy-Hiscock 2018

House Blessing
Spells and Rituals

This is a full-length, multistep ritual to bless your home. It’s basic and uses the four physical elements of earth, water, air, and fire to purify and bless the structure and the space. If you like, you may follow this house blessing with the Threshold Protection Ritual in Chapter 7.

House Blessing Ritual

You will need:

✵ Cleaning supplies

✵ Purification incense (see Chapter 7)

✵ Censer or heatproof bowl with sand

✵ Charcoal tablet (if using loose incense)

✵ Matches or lighter

✵ Candle and candleholder (color your choice)

✵ Small cup water

✵ Pinch salt

1. Repair whatever needs to be repaired in your house. Thoroughly clean walls, floors, windows, cupboards, stairs, and so forth. As you do, move counterclockwise through your house, finishing by sweeping dirt out the back door and shaking dust rags and emptying wash water out the back door as well.

2. Beginning at the physical analogue of your spiritual hearth, light purification incense (such as the loose mixture described in Chapter 7). Something like frankincense, sandalwood, or cedar would work well too if you prefer to use a purchased stick or cone.

3. Carry the incense clockwise through the house, going through each room. Don’t forget to waft the smoke into cupboards and behind doors as well. As you do, say: With fire and air I bless this home.

4. Return to the hearth with the incense and replace it there.

5. Light the candle. Carry it clockwise through each room of the house as well, saying: With light and flame I bless this house.

6. Return the candle to the hearth.

7. Take the cup of water and add the salt to it. Carry it clockwise through each room of the house again. Dip your finger in the salt water and touch the outside of each doorframe, then the inside, and the frame of each window and cupboard, saying: With water and salt I bless this house. If you prefer, rather than simply touching your finger to the frame or door, you can draw a simple symbol that represents blessing to you. Return the water to the hearth.

8. Stand at your hearth and say: Fire, water, air, and earth, bless my home and all those who dwell in it.