Kindling the Native Spirit: Sacred Practices for Everyday Life - Denise Linn 2015


Many years ago, when my daughter was in middle school, she had a remarkable principal who believed in the sanctity of the human spirit, the power of individuality, and the grace of creative growth. His name was Harry Finks. I am forever grateful to him for his perspective of life. He helped me at a time when I was concerned about the limitations of our educational system. Eventually he left working in independent schools and began working in native education—at the Muckleshoot Tribal School for the Muckleshoot Tribe in Washington State. I dedicate this book to him and to those like him who are the bridge between the old ways and the new ways.

I also acknowledge my gracious, wondrous daughter, Meadow. She spent hours poring over this manuscript. Writing is a challenge for me in so many ways. (I’m dyslexic—dyslexia has been the bane of my life.) Usually every third word is misspelled, and it’s hard to stay on course. So to have such a nonjudgmental, loving daughter look everything over and correct my multitude of mistakes has been a blessing. Additionally, she has such insightful perceptions; I’m so very grateful to have her in my life.

Of course, always and forever, I’m grateful to my husband, David. In many ways we are so different. I like ambient music, and he likes jazz. I prefer to not talk about politics, and he loves to rant about the latest political blunder. I wake up early, and he wakes up late. But this awesome man loves me until the end of time, and for this, I’m so grateful!

I’m also grateful to Louis Zimmerman, the artist of the remarkable illustrations for this book. I worked on this book for two years, and he worked on the illustrations for almost as long. Thank you, Louis!

To my wonderful, loving editor, Lisa Bernier. She gets it. Magic occurs not just from making sure that the words are spelled right, but when the message is consistent with the intent of the author. And Lisa really gets it and understands the deeper message that I’m trying to convey . . . and I’m so grateful.

Immense thanks to Charles McStravick for putting your soul in the artwork for this book’s cover and to the wonderful work in the Native Spirit Oracle Cards. You carry the native spirit in your heart!

To each of my dear, precious teachers (most of whom are now in spirit) who showed me the inner path to wisdom to the native spirit over the years, I’m so grateful.

To Blanca, Leticia, and Leoncito, for keeping me in a balance amidst all the surges in the tides of my life. I love you guys, and I’m so grateful to you for being in my life.

To Andrea Moore, my gratitude for your remarkable native wisdom and grace.

To Wilma Spear Chief, I’m grateful to you for your insightful contribution.

And to Teiorahkwathe Rob Lahache, thank you for your thoughtful and poetic comment.


About The Author

Denise Linn is an enrolled member of the Cherokee Nation and the best-selling, award-winning author of 18 books, including Sacred Space and Soul Coaching®. Denise’s books have been translated into 29 languages, and she holds seminars in countries throughout the world.