Planetary Sigils and Seals - Additional Components for Lunar Magic

Mansions of the Moon for the Green Witch: A Complete Book of Lunar Magic - Ann Moura 2010

Planetary Sigils and Seals
Additional Components for Lunar Magic

These symbols and names, based on the Kabbala, are found in the medieval grimoires. Today they are typically associated with ceremonial magic, which considers the spirit of the planet to be malevolent and therefore not used. I show those sigils here for information, but I use the Olympic planetary spirits with the seals and intelligences for their primal energies, which I do not associate with the ceremonial. While most of the planets have three sigils associated with them, Venus and the Moon have four. The sigils may be used in a mandala by placing the seal of the planet in the center-top portion, the sigil of the planet intelligence at the bottom portion, and the planet astrological symbol to one side, between or below, however, gives a balanced appearance.

The Sun

Image Shadiel: Seal of the Sun

Image Nachiel: Intelligence of the Sun

Image Sorath: Spirit of the Sun

The Moon

Image Azarel: Seal of the Moon

Image Hasmodai: Spirit of the Moon

Image Ichadeil: Spirit of the Spirits of the Moon

Image Yashiel: Intelligence of the Intelligences of the Moon


Image Vehiel: Seal of Mercury

Image Tiriel: Intelligence of Mercury

Image Cassiel: Spirit of Mercury


Image Habondia: Seal of Venus

Image Hagiel: Intelligence of Venus

Image Kedemel: Spirit of Venus

Image Aeliel: Intelligences of Venus


Image Ithuriel: Seal of Mars

Image Graphiel: Intelligence of Mars

Image Barzabel: Spirit of Mars


Image Netoniel: Seal of Jupiter

Image Johphiel: Intelligence of Jupiter

Image Hismael: Spirit of Jupiter


Image Omeliel: Seal of Saturn

Image Agiel: Intelligence of Saturn

Image Zazel: Spirit of Saturn