Energies of The Fixed Stars - Additional Components for Lunar Magic

Mansions of the Moon for the Green Witch: A Complete Book of Lunar Magic - Ann Moura 2010

Energies of The Fixed Stars
Additional Components for Lunar Magic

The sigils I use here for the fixed stars appear in an untitled fourteenth-century manuscript housed in the British Museum, as well as in a French translation in Trinity College at Cambridge, and the Book of Enoch, a fifteenth-century manuscript now located in the Bodleian Library at Oxford. Agrippa, in writing about the fifteen fixed stars in his Occult Philosophy, varied some of the sigils, called them the “Behenian Fixed Stars” (possibly from the Arabic word meaning “root”), and attributed the list to Hermes Trismegistus in The Book of Hermes on the 15 Fixed Stars. This latter source is considered to date from antiquity, although the personage is allegedly the God Hermes, the God Thoth, or a combination of both. Hemeticism and Gnosticism both draw upon this occult tradition which may actually have been a merging of Greek and Egyptian religious traditions during the rule of the Ptolemy pharaohs of Egypt. Emerald tablets with his writings engraved upon them were said to have been found in Hebron.

The star energies are associated with planets, signs, stones, and herbs, and their powers in the grimoires were drawn into talismans. However, these do not always agree with the stars associated with the zodiac signs noted in Part One. I use the Behenian list for magical work because these are traditional energy alignments. For example, the star Cor Scorpii in astronomy is the main star of Scorpio, but astrologically in the Behenian list, it is associated with Sagittarius, while Scorpio is associated with Alphecca (Elpheia). Magic uses the practitioner’s focus on correlations for moving energy, so you have your choice as to what correspondences work best for you. Since the Behenian stars with their magical symbols have been used for centuries, and perhaps for thousands of years, the energies may be drawn upon in that context. Modern astronomy uses a mixture of Arabic and Latin names for the stars, which is reflected in the list. I show both the astrological and Latin names associated with the fixed stars, and choose the one I use in magical works by the sound and rhythm that appeals to me.

The magical symbols ascribed to the stars are used to invoke their power, and while these images have evolved over the centuries with slight variations between sources, they may be added to magical work along with the other components. The star character may be used in spells, inscribed on a candle, drawn on paper or parchment, added to a charm, inscribed on a ring to wear as a talisman, or used in whatever magical application is desired. The specific energy of the star being invoked is addressed as the design is drawn, but artistic precision is not paramount as long as you know what you are addressing and pulling into the representation. The following list shows the star symbol, name(s), influence, planetary and zodiac correlations, and associated stone and herb. When two planets are listed, it is best to work with both in the order shown for complementary energies. Use care with herbs and be aware that some may be toxic, such as hellebore and snakeroot.