List of Fixed Stars and Their Sigils - Additional Components for Lunar Magic

Mansions of the Moon for the Green Witch: A Complete Book of Lunar Magic - Ann Moura 2010

List of Fixed Stars and Their Sigils
Additional Components for Lunar Magic

Image Algol (Caput Algo): Head of Algol; audacity, victory, protection; planets Saturn and Jupiter; sign Taurus; stone diamond; herb hellebore (poisonous)

Image Pleiades: Seven Sisters; secrets, talk to spirits; planets Moon and Mars; sign Taurus; stone crystal; herb fennel

Image Aldebaran (Aldaboram): The Bull’s Eye; good fortune, create discord; planets Mars and Venus; sign Taurus; stone ruby/garnet; herb milk thistle

Image Capella (Alhayhoch): Goat Star; honors, favor of superiors; planets Jupiter and Saturn; sign Gemini; stone sapphire; herb thyme

Image Sirius (Canis Major): Greater Dog Star; communication, favor of earth and air spirits, marital peace; planet Venus; sign Cancer; stone beryl; herb juniper

Image Procyon (Canis Minor): Lesser Dog Star; magic, power, good health; planets Mercury and Mars; sign Cancer; stone agate; herb buttercup

Image Regulus (Cor Leonis): Heart of the Lion; strength, nobility; planets Jupiter and Mars; sign Leo; stone granite; herb mugwort

Image Polaris (Cauda Ursa): Tail of the Bear; protection from personal violence and thieves; planets Venus and the Moon; sign Gemini; stone lodestone (magnet); herb chicory (or endive)

Image Gienah (Ala Corvi): Wing of the Crow; strength of will, induce sleep, create hostility, bind another’s magic; planets Saturn and Mars; sign Libra; stone onyx; herb burdock

Image Spica: Ear of Grain; resolve disputes, bind enemies, protect from danger, enhance telepathy, reap abundance; planets Venus and Mercury; sign Libra; stone emerald; herb sage

Image Arcturus (Alchameth): Guardian of the Bear; good health, heal wounds and fever; planets Mars and Jupiter; sign Libra; stone jasper; herb snakeweed (common plantain)

Image Alphecca (Elpheia): Bright Star of the Radiant Circle; love and honor, restoration of purity; planets Venus and Mars; sign Scorpio; stone topaz; herb rosemary

Image Antares (Cor Scorpii): Heart of the Scorpion; aid memory, restore good health, defense, protection; planets Venus and Jupiter; sign Sagittarius; herb birthwort (snakeroot or aristolochia)

Image Vega (Vultur Cadens): Vulture Falling; avert fears, talk with animals, avert or end nightmares; planets Mercury and Venus; sign Capricorn; stone chrysolite (golden peridot); herb winter savory

Image Deneb Algedi (Cauda Capricorni): Tail of the Sea-Goat; aid a just cause, bring peace, protect from harm; planets Saturn and Mercury; sign Pisces; stone chalcedony; herb marjoram

Some of the stones listed for the stars have varieties. Chalcedony may be a bloodstone, agate, carnelian, and so on, while jaspers may be ocean, moss, moochite, picture, red, brown, etc. Agates come in many styles and colors, as do beryls, so a book on stones may be of help.