Putting Together The Energy Correspondences - Additional Components for Lunar Magic

Mansions of the Moon for the Green Witch: A Complete Book of Lunar Magic - Ann Moura 2010

Putting Together The Energy Correspondences
Additional Components for Lunar Magic

Because there are overlapping associations with many herbs and stones, knowing the correlations allows for substitutions in magical works when the recommended ingredients are not available. By using a number of energy correspondences, you align them to work harmoniously with you in attaining your goals. You do not need to use everything with matching energy, but you have the option of picking and choosing which ones are practical and useful to you, and even drawing upon numerological significances to decide how many of each type of item you want to include. Creating a double-circle mandala with inscriptions in between the rims; including symbols and sigils in the center; setting an inscribed and anointed candle on top of the center; lighting the candle—adding herbs and stones to the flame—all with the your words of intention and blessings given and received from the Divine, the Elementals, and the spirits and entities of nature—can provide a very powerful and rewarding magical experience. Your magical work may be as complex or as simple as you desire or have the time and means to accomplish. It is possible that simply the spoken word when combined with focus and directed energy may be sufficient to achieve the desired result. But magical work that draws upon a variety of sources is a powerful aid that adds visual and tactile reinforcement to the spoken words. Use those energy descriptions that resonate with you or otherwise draw from your personal preferences, but in all magical work, the rule of harming none, which includes yourself, is the overriding principle.

are not meant for consumption. Use common sense and avoid potions or incense that include unusual or unfamiliar plants that can provoke illness or other toxic reactions. Essential oils are selected individually or blended for desired energy properties and aromas. These are used to anoint candles or added to a bit of cotton in charm bags; they are dabbed on objects or worn to enhance an aspect of the aura. Again, use common sense—cinnamon oil may smell terrific, but it burns the skin. Oils may also be created by placing chopped or crushed herbs in a jar and adding a basic carrier oil, such as grapeseed, safflower, or olive oil. Stir or shake, and let soak until the desired scent is achieved, then strain out the herbs and bottle the oil.

Stones are another favorite addition of mine to magical works, as they radiate their vibrations and add to the energy being raised. They are placed in charm bags, herbal pouches, or dream pillows; set in a desired location such as a doorway, windowsill, car glove compartment, briefcase, or purse; carried loose in a pocket or worn in jewelry; dropped into a candle spell or made into an elixir by soaking in spring water in the moonlight for an hour, then removing. The elixir is consecrated and the transferred energies held with a drop of vodka, whiskey, or brandy. Just be sure a stone that dissolves in water (such as covellite, a stone for psychic ability) is not used.