Introduction - Waxing Moon to Full Moon

Mansions of the Moon for the Green Witch: A Complete Book of Lunar Magic - Ann Moura 2010

Waxing Moon to Full Moon

This section contains the activities for magical works that may be performed during the Maiden Moon and Mother Moon Esbats. These works involve magic for emerging new ideas, fresh beginnings, starting new projects, moving in new directions, opening new doors, initiating changes, creating opportunities, abundance, fruition, accomplishment, fulfillment, and spiritual enrichment. By reinterpreting the older meanings of the mansions in a modern light, the energies of the mansions can be drawn upon in a new way. Service can become employment; building can relate to anything from construction of a new home to creating a new business or expanding contacts; and liberating captives can mean exactly that in a time when hostages are taken by bank robbers or terrorists, or it could simply mean freeing oneself from something that is personally restricting, such as an unrewarding job. My magical works show how I draw together and balance the ancient energies to work in a modern context, but of course you are free to modify or invent your own works. Witchcraft is an art, and as such, imagination and creative approaches keep it lively and personal.

While the energies of the Waxing to Full Moon mansions are generally positive, those that involve violent activities such as retaining captives or gaining power may be viewed in the light of current events, such as preventing gangsters from breaking out of prison or increasing support for a favorite cause or charity. In this way these energies may be turned to a positive result, but they can also be counteracted or warded against in magical works for the protection of oneself, family, property, or job security. The mansions offer a time for evaluating how those energies can be successfully applied to address your needs.

The symbols and items I use within the magical works are drawn from the correspondences that are part of my practice, but you may substitute from your own customary correlations as long as you understand the energy being moved in the working. To better facilitate this, each work has an introductory statement about the purpose or function. There are some mansions that overlap zodiac signs, so these mansions will be have magical works relevant to the influence of both signs. The energies of the signs, lunar phase, and mansion are combined so that while some works are similar in theme, they are not exact, as with initiating energy and fulfillment energy. Star energy may be engaged with their related correlations added into the work.