Meditation Beginning - Waning Moon to Dark Moon

Mansions of the Moon for the Green Witch: A Complete Book of Lunar Magic - Ann Moura 2010

Meditation Beginning
Waning Moon to Dark Moon

Sit comfortably, with eyes closed if desired, and relax to ground and center. Feel the stress and chaotic energies of the day drain away down from the top of the head, down the neck, from the arms and hands and where it all collects in the torso . . . feel the energy drain down the body, through the legs, passing from the feet into the ground below. Let the tensions of the day drain away until there is stillness within, at the center of the body.

Take a deep breath 1, 2; hold 1, 2; and release 1, 2, letting any remaining extraneous energies and confusions of the day drain away with that breath, feeling that calmness spreading throughout the body. Take a second deep breath 1, 2, feeling the inrush of cleansing air; hold 1, 2, feeling the fresh energy; and release 1, 2, feeling a sense of balance throughout the body. Take a third deep breath 1, 2, feeling the energy of the cosmos; hold 1, 2, feeling peace spreading throughout the body; and release 1, 2, feeling a oneness with the universe. Now breathe normally.

Toes, ankles, feet, and legs are feeling relaxed; the body is feeling relaxed; the fingers, hands, and arms are feeling relaxed; the neck and head are feeling relaxed. Envision roots growing from the bottoms of the feet, plunging through any obstacle to reach deep into the rich earth. The roots now pull in the green, vibrant energy of the earth. Just like a tree draws in water, the roots draw this powerful earth energy up into the feet, up into the legs, up through the torso, into the arms and hands, up through the neck and to the top of the head.

Envision a shaft of white light, of cosmic energy, entering into the top of the head, cascading down the body, cleansing and bringing the chakras—the energy points of the body—into balance. The energy gathers at the feet and rises again, interweaving with the earth energy, back to the top of the head and down again, blending and harmonizing serene cosmic energy with invigorating earth energy. Feel calmness, feel energy, feel relaxed and comfortable in this blend, knowing more energy from the earth and the cosmos can be drawn in as needed to remain calm and relaxed, but also energized. Feel relaxed in the toes, in the ankles, in the lower legs, in the upper legs, in the lower body, in the upper body, in the fingers, the lower arms, the upper arms, in the shoulders, and in the neck; the body is totally relaxed.

Think now of a place where you feel safe and secure. This is a personal and private place; a special place of comfort and peace. Look around and see the familiar surroundings of this private haven, knowing this is a personal inner sanctuary. This is a place visited before or for the first time, but this is the starting point for all meditations; a place that becomes clearer and more detailed with every visit; a place that becomes familiar and exactly what is desired. It is from here that inner visions begin and expand; it is from here that travels and explorations to other regions and worlds begin and end, from where to start a journey and where to return when the journey is over.