Runes for Magical Symbolism - Appendix

Mansions of the Moon for the Green Witch: A Complete Book of Lunar Magic - Ann Moura 2010

Runes for Magical Symbolism

Image Osa: the God, good fortune, favorable outcome

Image As: ancestor, signs, gain ancient wisdom, psychic power, creativity, communication skill, success in tests

Image Beorc: the Goddess, Great Mother, female representation, fertility, family, growth, new beginnings, protection, ideas brought to fruition

Image Daeg: daybreak, breakthrough, fresh start, financial increase, change in perspective, ambition, working between the worlds, transformation, growth, time for change, course of action concluded

Image Eh: movement, safe journey, progress, swift changes, growth, gaining security in position, empathic or telepathic communication

Image Feoh: prosperity, material wealth, send energy, fulfillment, ambition satisfied

Image Gefu: partnership, union, gifts, love, individuality, self-confidence, equality, love/sex magic, increase magical powers, mental and physical equilibrium

Image Eoh: a channel, defense, dynamic action, banishing and protection, increase power, removal of obstacles, communication with other worlds

Image Haegl: hail, limits, disruptions, awakening, security, protection, luck, get positive results in a fixed time frame, brings positive change, constrictive ideas

Image Is: ice, standstill, rest period, halt negative energies, pause in activity, immobility, time not right for action, stop slander, inertia, freeze a situation, halt unwanted forces, development of will, entropy

Image Gera: year, harvest, rewards, tangible results from outlay of money, time, or effort, cycles, good outcome from endeavors, gains come in due time

Image Ken: transforming fire, opening energy, strength, healing, physical well-being, fresh start, free to receive, love and stability, protect valuables

Image Lagu: fluidity, water, psychic power, intuition, imagination, strength, movement, vitality in life-force (especially female), gather energies for use by the will, revise for success

Image Mannaz: self, humanity, gain help from others, increase mental power, self-improvement, cooperation, language skill, meditation, no excesses

Image Nyd: constraint, patience, self-control, overcome obstacles, goals achieved, overcoming distress, need, distress, protection, find a lover, impetus to a new relationship

Image Ing: Horned God, Consort of the Earth Mother, fertility, family, completion, power to achieve goals, new life or path, sudden burst of energy, good conclusion, hold the benefits of completed labor, independence

Image Ethel: possessions, home, social status, acquisitions, benefits, heritage, new Path, ancestral lands and characteristics, health of the elderly, protection of possessions, monetary gains when used with Feoh

Image Perth: time and change, destiny, opportunity, unexpected luck, initiation, secrets (revealed), hidden forces, gain from investments and speculations, find lost things, promote good mental health in healing

Image Rad: safe journey, travel, quest, find what is sought, justice, communication, attunement, order, right

Image Sigel: Sun wheel, victory, success, strength, wholeness, healing, vitality, power, achievement, honor, self-confidence, life-force, willpower

Image Tyr: victory, success, courage, favorable outcome, ardent male

Image Thorn: thorn, protection, defense, gateway, neutralize foes, safe from evil, luck, release the past to open a new beginning

Image Uruz: strength, physical health, courage, promotion, draw new situations, initiate changes, passage

Image Wyn: success, happiness, joy, comfort, harmony, love, fulfillment in love and career, material gain, well-being, gainful travel

Image Eolh: protection, promote friendship, protect from enemies or evil, assistance, strengthen luck and life-force, gain aspirations, go unnoticed, optimism, control emotions

Wyrd: (blank rune; not used by everyone) unknowable fate, destiny, cosmic power, total trust, self-change, endings and new beginnings, shaping own destiny